Cardigans are an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. They are the ideal layering device that many of us could not live with out. Firstly you have you large woolen, bulky cardigans designed to keep away the bitter cold of winter. Their long sleeves and extended bodies allow you to wrap up warm whilst looking stylish and not like a large teddy bear. Quite often these cardigans are made with a large knit that creates extra warmth. However, cardigans with a lining can also double up as a jacket in the spring even in a mild winter. Cardigans then come in at the opposite end of the spectrum made with cotton and quite often small sized. These are frequently made in bright colours or fabrics with delicate little flowers or patterns on them. These cardigans are ideal for the summer as they can be whipped on when the sun goes in and still keep you looking summery whilst protecting you from the slight nip in the air. Let’s be honest, in Britain you need that emergency cardigan to get from place to place. You cannot go ten minutes without the sun going in and there being a chance of rain! However, my favorite type of cardigan is my partner’s. All men seem to own cardigans these days and when you slip on one of their overly large cardigans you will never want to go back. They are so comfortable and make any Sunday afternoon a perfect lazy day. You may not look your hottest in his cardigan, but you certainly will feel as if you are curled up in bed, and I am sure he will not complain too hard, they can not resist it when we parade round the house in their clothes. For a great range of cardigans and other fashion accessories, please visit K and Co. and you might discover something interesting there!