Corsets are making a comeback. Gone are the days when corsets were used mainly by aristocratic fashionistas. Today, a corset is considered one of the finest ways to hide flabs and show your hourglass figure. Be it bridal dresses or evening dresses, women don't hesitate to wear a corset to look fabulous. With time there has been many changes seen in the style and making of this shapewear.


The use of corsets has been referred in the early 16thcentury. At that time, wide varieties of materials including velvet, silk, satin, whalebone, leather and bents were used to make durable and attractive corsets. In the late 19th century, calfskin and mental boning were used to make these waistbands. Those days, aristocratic women wore them as a fashion accessory that gave an ultimate lift to their cleavage and made them attractive…

Today, corsets are considered an ideal shapewear for weight loss. Many women who are already in great shape like to buy an underbust corset to wear it for casual outings and to show their slim figure. Black, nude, white and several colours are used to make beautiful underbust. It is easy to find underbust that can be used as a skirt to match well with your outerwear. For example; a white top and a black underbust with ruffles can be a fabulous dress for an evening outing as well as a party.

Today, there is no need to step out for shopping of this shapewear as many online stores are available offering wide varieties of corset at an unbelievable price.  You are free to choose among varieties such as medical, Elizabethan, 18-th century, Victorian, Edwardian and Underbust corsets from an online store.  The only thing you need to keep in mind is the size and the style you want.  

Before shopping online, it is advised to measure your waist if you are going to buy an underbust.  An overbust corsetneeds measurement of your bust as well as waist. There are many top brands offering this fashion accessory from an online store. You need to finalize the online store that has a good reputation in the online world and offer varieties. In case, you have allergy with silk, satin or leather, you can think of purchasing a corset made of 100% organic cotton. There are a few companies come up with this choice and from an online shop you can easily find the variety.  

So, the time has come up when you start shopping of a suitable corset for you to look fabulous at any event. Try to buy the one that is versatile. In other words, buy the one that allows you to wear it with skirts, pants and gowns.