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style October 27, 2009
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barts kamikazee hat

I love this hat, just have to get hold of one. I'm hoping to decide between the Black or Silver. What do you think looks best and could I get away with this away from the slopes ?

Barts do this hat and some other really great stuff too. Just the sort of thing I like my ski bunnies wearing if you like my taste ?

Here is the direct link to this Kamikazee hat.

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I have to say while I like this hat the velcro chin strap is not the best and seems a little pathetic for adjustment but will stop the hat from detaching while skiing or boarding at speed, but this is one hat that you can affect the size of the fit from the rear. It is also looking more waterproof than other high street types for this stylish hat. But having said that it is twice the price. So have yet to try on the slopes.

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