Women can sometimes have a tough time keeping the pounds off. The stresses of life, and even busy and often hectic work schedules can hamper efforts to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Even getting back (NO ESPECIALLY) into shape after childbirth can be quite a challenge. The celebrities seem to all manage it - so why is that ?

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There is one trick that women can use as part of any diet or exercise regimes though - and that is to dress themselves thin! OK so you might be thinking that I am going a bit mad here, but if you think about it, this makes perfect sense!

Basically, the clothes that you wear can sometimes make you look much bigger than you really are, and even if you are not very overweight, certain items of clothing can unfortunately portray you with an unflattering appearance.

So to combat this problem, let's look at some of the best ways that you can dress yourself thin!

Face and hairstyle

If you have a hairstyle which comprises a centre parting, and you wear glasses with big round lenses, these two features alone will make your face look bigger and more rounded than it actually is.

Angles are a girl's best friend here. Consider wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, and style your hair so that you have a fringe and so that it flows freely down your shoulders and sides of your face. Makeup will help to contour your cheekbones, and false eyelashes will help to enhance your new look without going overboard.

Upper arms

The upper arm areas are another problem area for women. Wearing a cap sleeved top is definitely not a good idea, as it will not do you any favours when you are trying to dress yourself thin.

Instead, you ought to think about wearing tops with dramatic, wavy sleeves. Consider tops with three-quarter length sleeves, baggy jumpers and V-neck shirts.

The back

A lot of women tend to wear light coloured shirts and dark jeans that offer a figure-hugging appearance. If you are trying to lose weight, and are also trying to give that impression to others, this is not necessarily a good look for you at the moment because a small shirt and tight jeans will not hide that not-so-hidden area of fat which gets pushed up from your jeans.

Make a quick change to a better fitting (and longer) shirt in a darker colour, along with jeans that offer a higher waist and come with a belt, and you will look great!


Do you have extra weight around your hips? If so, getting tight, short skirts that make people pay attention to the lower half of your body is a bad idea.

Make a change to a pencil skirt which turns your body into a sexy hourglass figure. It will give you, and others, the impression that you have lost about 10 pounds!

If you are interested in learning the best and easiest ways to get rid of those pounds from your hips, or indeed from other parts of your bodyyou can ask our advice at Style Review in the discussions section or the community part of the site. Just join up and ask someone will be along to help.

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