Contact lenses come in a variety of forms and have many uses. Some individuals need prescription contact lenses while other may only wish to change the look of their eyes. Contacts that look like cat’s eyes are an example of a stylistic change for the eyes. Changing the colour of one’s eyes is easy with the many types of coloured contact lenses that are available today. These can come in prescription or non-prescription formats. There are scores of brands for traditional contact lenses while only several brands offer a variety of colours. Here are a few facts to know before shopping for new colour eyewear.

Prescription coloured contacts can be found at the same level of quality as non-coloured lenses. They can come in a variety of strengths for both myopia and hyperopia, which are near-sightedness and far-sightedness respectively, and some brands even sell toric lenses, which are for astigmatism. There are two general types of colours. The first are called enhancement lenses. These offer transparent colours, which are used to heighten an already existing colour. For example, someone with blue eyes could purchase transparent blue contacts, which will simply cause the eyes to look brighter and more vivid. The second option is opaque lenses. These are for individuals who want to change the existing colour of their eyes. An example would be someone with brown eyes changing to a violet hue. These colour contact lenses are especially beneficial for those who have very dark eyes but want to change to a lighter shade.

Several brands sell coloured contact lenses. Allure sells contacts in a vial. Allure colour contacts can be worn for three to six months and greatly enhance the look of the eye by using a dark limbal ring. Focus offers monthly or weekly contacts for reasonable prices in shades of aqua, dark blue or green. Acuvue is a familiar brand to many contact users and is known for comfortable lenses that provide very clear vision. They offer opaque and transparent lenses although the transparent ones are somewhat cheaper. The most well-known brand for coloured contacts is FreshLook. They offer transparent and opaque lenses as well but are the only brand to offer toric lenses for those with astigmatism. FreshLook sells daily, weekly and monthly lenses. Their Dimensions option features a starburst pattern that naturally enhances the size of the iris. The ColourBlends options offer more colours than any other brand and include blue, green, grey, honey and amethyst.

Colour contact lenses are perfect for anyone who wants to enhance the colour of his eyes with transparent lenses or to make a complete colour change with opaque lenses. Once an optometrist has written a prescription, coloured lenses can be purchased at a variety of stores or online shops. Online shops often offer the best value for individuals wanting to purchase more than one or two boxes at a time.