Fashion has been important throughout history. It remains important in today's world, perhaps as important as it has ever been, with brand name clothing essential among the trendy and fashionable venues in cities of the world.

The casual look was rarely regarded as remotely fashionable; some items like jeans were associated with work wear, casual shirts likewise. However in recent decades many social gatherings have discarded the suit and tie for the casual look. The long dress is perhaps something that has spread its appeal from formal occasions to become comfortable clothing on warm summer evenings.

Formal Male Attire

That is not to say that there is no longer any place for the more formal male attire of morning suit and dinner jacket. It is almost a prerequisite of special occasions such as weddings.  

A day to dress up. This formal attire is expected at weddings, even if the guests let their hair down once the ceremony and speeches are over. The occasion is marked by video and photographs of the happy couple and their guests.

Quality fitted shirts with a bow tie and cufflinks, perhaps waistcoat and tails; this can be the dress code for a wedding. There is no question that everyone likes to dress up occasionally. Casual wear has taken over during leisure time; it provides a comfortable contrast to the business suit but a wedding is a different matter.

Often male attire at a wedding is plain in colour, black, white and grey with the colour occasionally provided by the bow tie or cufflinks which may be of valuable metal or precious stone with a range of different designs.  They catch the eye and provide a contrast with a plain white shirt.

The place of fashion online

Fashion has found its place on the Internet the same way as many other products have. The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool at the disposal of business and it is an opportunity that companies ignore at their peril.

People refer to the Internet whenever they want information; with search engines providing an impressive list of options every time a word or phrase is entered. A business selling fashion can reach a target audience for any of its products and the rise of ecommerce has resulted from the quality of their websites. That quality involves a good presentation of the range on sale and the process of ordering and delivery.

Answers about the security of financial details have been answered to the satisfaction of the consumer hence the popularity of ecommerce. When it comes to fashion there may be issues about size of clothing or footwear but when it comes to accessories there are no such problems.

Weddings do not happen every day but then there are people who feel that it is appropriate to also look their best in many business situations, or when visiting a nice restaurant, celebrating a birthday or anniversary. The Internet provides the opportunity to ensure a complete wardrobe for such occasions.

Mary James writes on a freelance basis and lives in Turkey. Her writing covers a range of topics from current affairs and economics to consumer affairs and designer cufflinks.