If there was ever a video the embodied the essence of Reggaton then this dance music video track does a good job.

Ever since my time in the latin Caribbean (Roatan Honduras) I had a thirst for more and so followed Cuba but then the non latin islands in the Caribbean. The latter less dig Reggaton but it does exist and there is an excellent infusion somehow with dancehall from jamaica. Aventura from the dominican republic should be a port of call see the link and videos here. Not far away is beenie man from any self respecting music lover and he has been a big influence with his distinctive tones. Lets not forget the genres more popular like Rnb and rap but they are not as prevalent in the Caribbean.

Why have this stuff here. Well I have an uncanny knack of predicting the future. Liverpool this year for the title in 2014 but from way back ! and likewise I already see the movement is heading towards a dancehall mad moment when we welcome the raw style into our lacklustre otherwise taste. if like me you are a POME right now then enjoy Robbo Ranxx at the BBC on a thursday night you can get the best of the dance hall scene with guests and the top riddims slammin at your moment.

Aventura from the DR Dominican Republic are a bit of an anomaly as who else comes from there into another country ? But check their video Obsession for an amazingly uplifiting music video. No matter that you may be leading a sheltered western life. I might tell you that I first heard them while on a bus in Guatemala and had to ask the driver who was adding just the right amount of spice to my typical bus journey up towards Tikal.