Usually cartoon shows result in a mass production of different toys. For example, when Batman came out there was an array of Batman superhero figures, gadgets and alike released onto the market. When The Powerpuff Girls came onto the scene there was an array of cuddly toys and dolls produced too. However, there are actually toys that have resulted in cartoons being made. These toys have gone down so well that series have been written around them. Thus, read on to discover the top kids’ toys that inspired some great cartoons.


Bratz are the only dolls that have had the capacity to stand up against Barbie. Instead of trying to rival Barbie, Bratz sing to their own tune and they have thus found a gap in the market. The dolls are well known for their large heads and oversized facial features. They popularity of the dolls soared, and as a result a cartoon series was produced. The show became an instant hit!

Hello Kitty

Like Bratz, Hello Kitty has achieved mass popularity with girls. The white kitty with the red bow in her hair has been a favourite character amongst many little girls. So much so, that the toy was created into a cartoon series entitled ‘The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends’. The show was broadcasted in several countries and has received awards and recognition at the Hong Kong ICT Awards and DigiCon both in 2008.

Mickey Mouse

Everybody and anybody have heard of Mickey Mouse, and therefore little explanation is needed. However, an explanation is needed regarding the origin of Mickey Mouse. It is alleged that three years prior to the debut of Mickey Mouse in the 1928 hit cartoon show Steamboat Willie there was actually a mouse toy created. It is rumoured that this toy was created by Performo Toy; however the evidence is nothing concrete.


Many children fell in love with Ash and his little yellow Pokémon Pikachu when watching the hit cartoon series. However, Pokémon originally took shape in the form of a toy – a video game to be more precise. Lots of kids used to play on their Game Boy and master the world of Pokémon. The game included some of the most popular Pokémon characters, including; Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Sandshrew, and of course Pikachu.

My Little Pony

Pink and purple ponies – what is not to love? Little girls all over the world fell in love with My Little Pony. The ponies are all very girly, very magical, and very cute. In fact, they even have ‘cutie marks’ on one or both side of their flanks –  essentially a unique symbol that makes each pony special. After the toys were produced only a year later the My Little Pony cartoon was released. And, it was a hit!

Who would have thought that the Bratz dolls could have had the impact they have had on the world of television and film? And, what about Mickey Mouse? The world famous character allegedly started off as a toy made by Performo? And then there is Pokémon – the popular cartoon series that began life as a Nintendo Game Boy game. It is always exciting and intriguing to learn the origin of different things, and cartoons are no different. There have been some simply fantastic and world famous cartoons that have been produced as a result of toys. Some of the others that haven’t been mentioned include the likes of GI Joe and Care Bears. 

Author bio – SJ is a freelance journalist. She analysed many toys and cartoons, from Batman to Mickey Mouse, to devise this article.