Choosing headphones which are right for mixing can seem daunting at first, since there a variety of models for sale to choose from. These models make a number of promises with regards to quality, yet they don't always deliver, particularly when users are looking for both affordable and professional headphone sets.

When dealing with pro audio, it is particularly important to ensure your headphones are responsive in the three ranges of the spectrum, being bass, mid and treble. Headphones which offer a depth in the bass, clarity in the mids, and crispness in the treble, are highly suited to professional audio purposes. Therefore, these are the first fundamental aspects to look out for, when making your all important and final purchase.

Read on, to discover five of the best headphone models for professional audio quality. 

Audio Technica ATH-ES55

These closed back headphones are ideally suited to DJs, producers, or simply listeners. The price might be a bit steep for listening purposes only, so they are only recommended to real audio enthusiasts. For producers and DJs, the Audio Technica offers a balanced and poised delivery, with well-rounded and deep bass, and crispness in the treble range. They also offer adequate frequency separation and will be useful, when used in conjunction with studio monitors, to master for a variety of outputs.

These headphones are also sturdy enough, and will not come apart easily despite the plastic build. The ES55 are definitely recommended for budget producers, and DJs.

Grado Labs SR-325 

The SR 325 are a good suit for sound engineers, producers and musicians. Though Grado Labs offer a number of more expensive models, suited to top of the line producers and mastering, the Grado SR-325 definitely offer a high-fidelity experience, with little sound degradation and “honest” frequency response. 

The sturdy enclosed design allows them to snugly fit around the head and ears, providing the best sound possible in terms of volume and quality. This means little sound dispersion from a lose fit, so you can ensure optimal critical listening for your mix. They may be a little on the expensive side, but definitely worth the price.

Beyerdynamic DT 990

The DT 990 are specifically suited for studio applications, and the fact that they are weight-reduced allows for a better reproduction of sound. They also offer a comfortable fit, so for long listening and mixing sessions they are ideal.

Lightweight, yet robust, the DT 990 are the choice for many professional live studios.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Custom One Pro is another model from Beyerdynamic, though this time slightly more expensive. These headphones offer four different low-end response stages, to suit studio purposes and more. The design is metal, but it can be easily customized to cater for particular studio or mixing preferences. 

The sound response from the unit is superb, and allows for a variety of different scopes. If you can afford them, they will last you a long time.

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

These headphones are suited to a variety of purposes, whether casual listening or studio work. They provide warmth in the lower end of the spectrum, and their general sound quality is very crisp. Beats byDre headphones also feature a battery compartment on the side of the cup. 

Dr Dre Beats are not very cheap, but they will provide flexibility and a great listening experience.