We continue on the road towards the top then FPS games, and here we have #8 on the list. Battlefield 3 takes the place of number 8 on the list, although I imagine some diehard fans will disagree and argue that I’m saving higher spots for the Call of Duty games. I have placed BF3 at number 8 because there are a few problems I have the title, there are of course some features that I think other FPS should take away from it as well. Battlefield has been a popular franchise for some time now, and is probably one of the most well known games of all time.

Battlefield 3 incorporates huge multiplayer battle modes, vehicles included. Basic warfare, aerial warfare, ground and amphibious assault warfare are all options that the player has during game play. Various weapons and armaments allow the player a variety of game styles and the wide array of vehicles allow for creative team play. I have often found myself teaming up with other players in an attempt to achieve the multiplayer mode objective.  Nothing is more deadly than a team of players all piling into a tank or troop carriers, rocking up near the enemy base and unleashing hell.

The story mode is short but creative and has the player fighting through all manner of environments including the sky, sea and land. Urban warfare also plays a major part of the story line which is generally expected in a modern first person shooter in this day and age. The story line has you chasing terrorist whose intent to nuke New York City, you come across plans and leads that take you on a wild goose hunt. The game play will have you fighting through New York’s underground train system and through the dusty streets of the Gulf.

During game play you will access to various forms of warfare, and you will have the basic ability to throw grenades, user rocket launchers and so on. The multiplayer mode is what I would describe as insane. Up to sixteen players can fight at once, usually in teams of eight you will find yourself trying to disable the enemies base or computer modules. Just like Call of Duty there is a huge amount of multiplayer videos available to watch online, some amazing, some not. This once again proves the concept of my recent article, looking at gamers showing off their FPS prowess to the world.

Battlefield 3 does have some downsides, for example story mode is limited, linear and not very extensive. If you want to play on the extra maps during multiplayer mode then you will have to pay quite a high price on the PSN or Xbox Live. The maps already provided aren’t exactly an abundance of options but will do if you’re only looking for short term shooting fun. There are also occasional glitches that occur where your tank or vehicle will get stuck, and of course any FPS that allows the player to “camp” needs some tinkering.

However overall like all FPS titles BF3 is a lot of fun to play, if you enjoy complete utter carnage, a variety of vehicles to drive and shoot from, and huge team battles then Battlefield 3 is of course, for you.