If you have always thought about joining one of the adult dance classes Surrey has to offer, then stop thinking and start doing! Once you read this post you will find many reasons why you should get your dancing shoes on.

It is every little girl's childhood dream at some point to grow up to become a ballerina. As we get older, these dreams get put to the side as real life takes over. It may be a scary thought to begin dancing as an adult. You probably don’t want to join a class full of younger and more experienced people for fear of being no good and embarrassing yourself, not to mention squeezing into a leotard and a tutu. However, these fears should be thrown out of the window. There are many local adult dance classes Surrey has to offer that will welcome you with open arms. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy yourself but it is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy. Here we look at the benefits of taking up dance and why you are never too old to start!

Health: The techniques and skills you will acquire through dance will improve your body strength, flexibility, bone and cardiovascular health. Dance classes will usually begin with a warm-up of which will stretch and strengthen your body. This will help you achieve better balance, posture and coordination which will lessen your chances of falls as well as joint and muscle stiffness later on. Dance exercises will ease back pain and ease tension throughout the body. Dance involves weight transference and jumping which through regular practice will improve bone density and flexibility. In addition, your heart will get an incredible workout, keeping you fit and you may even lose a few pounds in the process!

Stress relief: As well as improving your physical health, dance will also help maintain your mental and emotional health. Dance will involve channeling your energy into movement and practicing breathing techniques which will help to calm and relieve stress. Your mind will be able to focus on what your body is doing rather than goings on at home and work allowing you to fully relax.

Social scene: By bouncing into the world of dance you will expand your social circle and make some great new friends as you learn your new skill. Many people will be in a similar situation to you, getting to learn dance for the first time. There may also be other slightly more experienced members who can offer you advice and tips for being an adult dancer. It can also be a great way to get into the dating scene if you join a class that involves partner dancing, you never know who you might meet!

Confidence: While learning a new skill, it can really boost your self-esteem and confidence as you continue to achieve new things. Jumping outside your everyday bubble can seem scary but the sense of pride, accomplishment, excitement and joy will feel inspiring and exhilarating.

So no excuses, join up to one of the many adult dance classes Surrey can offer and you will realise your childhood dreams and find a healthier, happier, confident you!

Author bio:

Monica traded in her job as a secretary to be a dance teacher following years of ballet training as a child and continuing to attend adult dance classes Surrey situated. She posted a ‘diary’ online as part of a blog chronicling her life-changing journey.