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CT March 26, 2009
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Peter Saville & New Order

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New Order and Joy Division were and still are are, for me a massively influential group for myself growing up in the 80's and 90's and for a whole generation pre and post emergence of the rave scene. From 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' to 'Blue Monday' (which still sound great) , you only have to look at the British music scene now to see the influence they still have - check out The Editors for a very Joy Division vibe - namely 'Munich' to Black Kids to many electro acts / dj's around for miles.

What always was great for me in purchasing a New Order (or indeed Pulp) album was the fantastically gorgeous artwork of the album sleeves that could only ever be Peter Saville design....From album covers  to other Factory Records projects - you will find his mark on it. Personally I find his designs to be fresh, intelligent, polished , colourfull (mostly) and though I am sure many others would describe the postmodernist influence in his work etc me they just look amazing and he just seems to really 'get' the bands and the music he designs for.

A huge favorite electro group of mine and an admired designer - both excellent in my opinion... but find out for yourselves. Best tracks:Theives Like Us, Fine Time,Regret,Ceremony,True Faith,1963...and the list goes on..

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