Lust and Lies - The Ramona Flowers

jamesebsmith March 29, 2013
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The Ramona Flowers - Lust and Lies

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Here’s an interesting video from The Ramona Flowers with a bit of a story to tell. Quite what the story is, takes some fathoming out, but no doubt touches on the downside of infidelity. And if you are the aggrieved, it looks like you’re in for an uncomfortable tow across the desert by your partner driving an SUV. Yes, it is all quite bizarre, but also beautifully done. Review by @jsmithwriter

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Infidelity isn't fun so I marked this down for that. Not all music fits the fun factor nor is it designed too. There is a big place for mood music and those wallowing in their hopefully short self pity. The video is not fully describing the end as we don't see who is on the other end of the other cars rope. Its incredible that in a short passing of time you can wreck a relationship that maybe works for you. I think anyone who is interesting in cheating isn't fully into you though. The video is slow paced to match the melody and its a track that is very easy to listen to. The video ; I think somewhere something was lost but on the whole we get the suffering come across and the regret and the realisation - so that was hard to achieve but they did it and without words the actors did a good job to convey emotion. That was great I really felt their pain. Not sure who decided the guy should have a moustache though.

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