Mancunian electro band Swiss Lips have released their single ‘Lost’ as a free download on their website; it’s a driving track, somewhere in the ether between guitar and dance, perhaps with a hint of Aussie influence from Empire Of The Sun.

The music video is definitely worth a look, a sublime creation that could have easily ended up as incoherent mush had it not been for some masterful editing.  It must be a contender for king of montage style - at just sixty seconds in you’ll already have been bombarded with a kaleidoscope of rapidly cut psychedelia and abstract imagery that will certainly make your Grandmum’s head go fuzzy, and maybe yours too.

It would be interesting to know the budget of this vid, as it must have exhausted the entire stock footage archives of the UK television industry.

Despite the fierce pace and rapid cutting style, this is not a dud by any means.  The abundant imagery is exquisitely directed and compliments the song perfectly.  The director even ordered a good looking model or two in the background to accompany the montage mayhem and add to the story.  Story?  Ah, well there may be one in there somewhere, but let’s not get in to that.

A lot of work went into this music video and the results are outstanding.

Review by @jsmithwriter