For someone as middle as me when I first experienced Leona Lewis sing Hurt originally by Johnny Cash (a massive favorite of my fathers) my ears pricked up.
Not only has she always stood apart - a long way from the new pack of artists she is not afraid to try this massive ballad. I featured the original video out of respect and the other fact that you will hear this over and over for the moment and though I would always prefer the original as Cash was singing from the real depths of his soul.
Now Leona Lewis has just performed this at the Royal Variety Performance (I don't rate the dress) and Nicole Scherzinger (I got it wrong didn't I ) will be glad that Peter Kay did a funny featuring Jimmy Saville creating the space to follow Lewis' performance. In the words of Kelly Rowland who's latest song in very average though her body is amazing 'SHE LAID IT DOWN'

I hope that this track works out for Lewis and it will certainly raise her international profile as a most brave and talented artist.