In Time Movie Review
In Time Movie Review

One of the best films if you like good concept movies

I love a good concept, this film doesn't dissapoint and the performances from Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried are good.

'I dont have time' something I feel daily like most people but in In Time it is the

struggle to get more of it that drives the film.

In short (because again today I have no time) no one ages past 25 years and then you get a year

counting down before you die on the spot.


If your family borrowed time like in the case of lead played by Justin Timberlake;Will Sala

then you end up with a week and your entire

existence is now about staying alive, getting some time.

Your time appears on your lower forearm and if you have any left glows fluorescent green.

There is no other currency and time is traded via a wrist grip depending on the upper wrist

it will be positive or negative. People can simply steal your time if you dont take care - in the gheto a month on your wrist will get you killed.

Time can't simply be bought if you were rich as it IS the money you trade work or something for it. But of course the rich or the imoral have a lot.

And they must protect the system of time zones and keep people dying.

We are let in on the key points at the right moments throughout the film and key being the

fact that the powers that be need the lower classes to die off, just increasing bus fares

for example they could be a day to take a 30 minute bus ride. How cool William plays it when often in the film he has minutes on his arm fortunately

the trades happen so quick a quick wrist grap and yu get more life time.

So throughout the film you get these trades and valuations. A decade being serious 'money' will

finds himself in posession of a century but time passes hands or wrists real fast. He gets long enough

to buy him a ticket out of his time zone into new grenwich. A standard room costing 2 months he takes the suite,

we learn that his character is not about keeping his new found time and mizering it away unlike the regular new grenwich

folk. He is pursued throughout by the time keepers employed like police to keep the currency concept working.

No one has enough time as prices keep rising and people run places from the ghetto.

Faced with death, time is a commodity often stolen. Will meets up with silvia weis (Amanda Seyfried) the richest little

heiress (but well daddy won't ever die so somethings weird).

Cue typical couple getting to know each other on the run perhaps the worst critique of the film in a moment

when you think this is going Jason Statham like Crank.

Will tries to change the system as we learn how it is so morally wrong e.g. For a few to have eternity masses have to die and the system must be kept in place.

The bad guys are the time keepers Cillian Murphy playing the main guy chasing down wills new found 'time' you see people cant just get time from anywhere. But also

in the ghetto operate the unoficial bad guys a gang just stealing time from the poor, alowed to operate clandestinely to help the time keepers with some of the dirtier tasks.