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jamesebsmith March 08, 2013
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Kat Dahlia - Gangsta

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In the single Gangsta, Kat Dahlia delivers a very Rhianna-like vocal performance, which is certainly no criticism, especially when complimented by an excellent music video such as this.

The video is one of contrasts: rich and poor, urban sprawl and city glitz - all mixed in a fine edit that takes us on a tour around Miami’s diverse backdrops and colourful characters.  The golden light and shifting soft focus make even the dullest areas alluring and evocative.  The subject matter, dark and brooding, meanders though themes of drug power and temptation prowling the fringes of domestic family life.  It’s an effective work of storytelling that punches through the dreamy cinematography with some hard messages.

Review by @jsmithwriter

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