When it comes to gaming, the whole hobby can be expensive indeed. First you need to purchase either a console like the Playstation or Xbox, or invest quite a bit in a gaming laptop or desktop. Then you need games, which in their own right can cost an arm and leg. Downloading some games direct from PSN, Steam or Xbox Live can cost around £50 to £60. The new Steam console apparently will be on the market for a $1000 in America, which is ridiculous. The same can be said for gaming accessories, for example, game pad controllers, Custom controllers, gaming chairs, Kinect and PS Move, and various others are high in price.

I want to start with gaming chairs as my first port of call for gaming extras. I would imagine that this particular product originates from arcade games that allowed the player to sit in a gun or flight simulator. The gaming chair however is more geared towards hardcore gamers that often spend twelve hours straight playing away. A comfortable, but supported design is often the more popular make and brands. The X-Rocker Vision 2.1 provides its user with full blast audio, video and gaming surrounds sound.

Next I want to look at custom console controllers. I recently viewed a video on YouTube from a user named Ali – A, who was in possession of his very own custom Xbox controller. He had his name inscribed into the Xbox button in the centre of the controller, had his name printed on the D-pad buttons, and his name logo printed on the far left of the controller. It also included fluorescent lights which glow when off and on as well. This however is quite a costly option, despite being rather cool and at least we all have the option for individuality and personalisation.

I nearly forgot to add probably the most expensive accessory that you must have when playing a console, a television. Not just any television but to have the best experience that the gaming industry has to offer you need a 1080p full HD television. Although TV’s are lowering in price as advancement continues to propel forward, so if you’re looking to invest in your own personal gaming station, it shouldn’t cost too much.

Other gaming accessories include gaming headsets, mostly for abusing other players during multiplayer modes, special glasses for games like Call of Duty, External hard drives, gaming bean bags, Stylus pens, Steering wheels for driving games, gaming guns, and recording devices so players can post their gaming experience online. Although all of these products are designed to enhance and boost gaming for the player they are also quite pricy, and unless you’re a diehard fan of games you probably won’t want to spend over a grand just to play one or two titles.