This masterpiece by Flo Rida will have even the puniest office wimp running out into the street looking to eat up miles, or crashing the local sweat shop to pump some iron.  Yes, energy and pace is what the aptly named ‘Good Feeling’ music video is all about.

The secret behind this creation is the use of montage and slick editing cuts to fit the images precisely with the beat of the music.  The production value of the images is not necessarily very high; many are hand held clips with natural light or extracts from concerts or clubs, and certainly nothing fancy in terms of cinematography.  But the editing pulls it together into an uplifting sequence that has structure, humour, pace, and colour, all resulting in a video that does not distance itself from the audience by being too glossy.

The shots themselves might urge many video and film enthusiasts to shout, “I can do that!”  And indeed, with today’s affordable HD cameras it should be no problem to get raw footage of comparable quality.  The real difference, however, is the professionalism of the direction and editing - those who beg to differ can give their rushes to the local home video enthusiast to edit (there’s one in every street) and they’ll soon learn the meaning of the term, ‘uncomfortable viewing’.

Flo Rida rocks... Now get down that gym!

Review by @jsmithwriter