He won the golden cup at the Antigua Carnival as he wove the lyrics into his own song. Ezzy Rattigan is the man responsible for that 'fuck up' song you might have heard if you spent 30 minutes in Antigua around carnival time. At street level, let's face it the best place to enjoy the Antigua Carnival you will hear 'fuck up' and its actually 'for cup' that would have satisfied the guys that allow such colour into the daily lives of those here at least for this weekly celebration of many things Antiguan family not least.

It was only after meeting Ezzy's cousin at the bar that I finally found the song. You see typing in 'fcuk up antigua carnval song'  came up dry..

I did find my robot song that you can hear and maybe you have to have been here to enjoy but maybe you can trek across next year...

Antigua Carnival Troupe

'eartlhing girls wine for me..' my name is zoltan...I really hope some talented dj can make Ezzy's track one of those this year and that is the vain hope of this post so please share and support Ezzy as he produced this track and you can download it for free..

Notting Hill Carnival 2013