The Spanish language song Más Y Más is a refreshing departure from the ubiquitous hip hop tracks or diva wailing crowding the charts at the moment.

Draco Rosa is the artist, featuring Ricky Martin - strange, since it seems that Martin’s vocals and on-screen presence dominates this arty, wistful music video.  Despite much posturing and knowing looks from the beautiful people, everything is sumptuously filmed in milky soft light with a texture and quality that yells “expensive” from the rooftops.  The setting, makeup, clothing, camera movements and subtle low paced cutting are all from the top draw of film making.  It’s all about low contrast - flattering on the subjects.  Any harshness is tempered, muted by fine camerawork or mist or smoke.  This tells us something about the artists’ financial worth, as this little number cost some serious bucks to produce.

Then there’s the story... shall we bother?  Oh, go on then.  Well, there’s something about a pretty boy fashion standoff, then a love triangle thing going on with the drop-dead gorgeous model.  Oh that’s enough of that... just sit back and allow this dreamy evocative number to work some magic.

Review by @jsmithwriter