This music video is a great example of how keeping things simple can work just beautifully.  There’s no big statement here, no groundbreaking concept graphics or political message to be made.  The overall notion is one of coming together - all races and nationalities - to party and enjoy music.  It’s nicely shot in exotic locations and draws on winning themes: beach parties, packed concerts, dancing and good looking young people immersed in good vibes.  Can’t lose really can it?

Formulaic it may be, but when they’re pumping serious money into music vids, producers really cannot afford to get it wrong and turn an audience cold.  So the unashamed goal is to make people happy, and ultimately make money.  Oh, and did you spot the HP product placement in there?  A few more dollars to ease the budgetary strains.

The video really wins out in its appreciation of synchronisation and dynamics.  Great dance tracks such as these specialise in the ‘crescendo’ and if the video editing is bad, you can end up with a real duffer.  Without You is astutely delivered and will keep the fans more than happy.

Review by @jsmithwriter