Geneva Motor Show

Thanks to Auto Trader we are able to show you what we liked about their foray into Switzerland and the Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche Boxter

From 37.5 k you could get the new entry level Porsche Boxster pictured below. Why is it here ?

A needed design touchup makes it a very good looking and for a lot affordable. The performance of the first boxster was very very good for the price and you would expect that given the stable. Competing against the likes of the Nissan 350z and 370z and the BMW z4 it makes a lot of sense. Its a mid engined machine giving it excellent handling.It should be on your shortlist for best affordable sportscars and maybe will top it.

F12 Berlinetta

The latest Ferrari - and the most powerful roadcar they have ever made in the F12 berlinetta

The Ford Kuga 4x4

Based on the focus (solid footings indeed) and much better looking than the UGLY Volkswagen Tiguan the Kuga is indeed an interesting hybrid of a full on 4x4 and a family hatch. Like a more spacious focus but able to take on snow and fields but more likely to be used for the kids EQUIPMENT this is going to be a popular Balham tractor, as no self respecting chelsea resident would be caught dead with anything less than a Freelander it places economy high up the list of features for example the 1.6 Litre EcoBoost engine which will also have the legs for the motorway lets face it its the right size for mums.