At least it feels like performance! But with style. As iconic as the scooters these fiat retro-designed cars are very appealing. The new line of Fiat 500 TwinAir models comes in two models, three-door and convertible models.

Both of those models belong to the Twin Air version which is also divided into two, Twin Air and Twin Air Plus. The difference between those two twin air versions lies in the things applied inside the cabin. According to Fiat officials, this new 500 Twin Air version is the vehicle that has the theme of “fun-to-drive” and it is going to be promoted by Fernando Alonso, the famous F1 racer.

2012 Fiat TwinAir 500 and 500C Interior Fiat knows that people will seek a vehicle that has a luxury taste inside. Fiat has known it already so Fiat is designing this new 500 twin air version with some luxurious trim inside the cabin. Inside the cabin, we could find some interesting things such as a dashboard with satin chrome touches, a sports seat wrapped with a mix of perforated leather and fabric. Moving to the exterior, there are some cool components such as a license plate holder, chrome grille, black alloy wheels, black tailgate spoiler, and chrome sport exhaust. Those components are presented only for Fiat lovers. Talking about under the hood, this all-new model is armed with a 0.9 liter twin-turbocharged engine which produces power about 85 HP. The top speed is about 173 km/h followed by an acceleration time of 11 seconds from 0 – 100 km / h.