Top Tips on Matching Your Suit with a Shirt and a Tie

While a suit makes a man, his tie, unfortunately, can be his undoing. The suit-tie combination of a gent tells so much about him, his aspirations, priorities, and of course his style quotient.

It is imperative to find a perfect combination not just to project your personality and lifestyle but also to make sure that you avoid the formal wear faux pas many men commit. The good news is that you only need to understand the principles of matching and master some basic steps to play with colors, patterns and fabrics.

Principles of Matching

The Necktie

First thing first, the proportion of your neckwear must be apt for your body and its color and pattern must work well your suits and shirts. Necktie proportion is related to its length and width in regards to the wearer’s clothing style and body build. For example, a large man wearing a large suit that has wide front should opt for a wider than average tie to balance the look. In addition, the length of the tie must reach his belt buckle.

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Mark Warner's Corsica Family Holiday Review

Mark Warner's Corsica Family Holiday Review

This will have been my 4th Mark Warner holiday split evenly between winter resorts and summer resorts. I reviewed the Levante Resort in Rhodes back here.I did no research on this holiday however I knew that I wanted to go to corsica one day ok it's a resort but you still get somewhat an experience of a country/island.Corsica sits above Sardinia and below the south of france so you are normally guaranteed good weather for part of or all of your summer holiday.Here is the link to go direct to the Corsica Resort on the Mark Warner WebsiteThe resort is located just south of Santa Lucia Di Moriani you will find a good sized casino supermarket here otherwise not much of interest but you can buy some beach things around the town. It doesn't for example have restaurants at least not obviously. opposite the resort check out what looks like a basic veg shop its 


The Good Points

The staff. Always smiling and friendly and helpful to the extreme. Mark Warner knows the importance of this especially when you are trusting the staff with your most precious little ones.The activities and plan for your week.The resort size is ideal - your not too far from anything.

A 30 minute transfer is not too far and helps to reduce time to resort and the start of your holiday.It was supposed to be the cheaper room but the views of the mountain were lovely and I think its quieter than the ocean facing rooms where you also have the restaurant underneath and the pool.

The mostly all included watersports which is windsurfing, small sailing boats like picos amd lasers and hobby cats, kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboarding, no jetski or waterski and dissapointingly no kitesurfing.The menu and food was very good though we didnt take the lunch option see the beach bar limits on snacks.The sunloungers were of good quality and modern - shame that no matching tables where you could put your drinks.

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How Could The Menopause Affect My Sex Life Adversely?

We hear many stories of the effects of menopause of a woman's sex life, and most of them are negative. It is important however; to make sure that you are getting the honest facts about the symptoms and treatments for symptoms to answer the question of how menopause may adversely affect your sex life. The bottom line is that menopause can only affect your sex life as much as you allow.

Symptoms that interfere with sexThe most common symptom that interferes with sex are dryness and thinning of the vaginal tissues, resulting in painful intercourse for some women. In addition to this, some women report a low sex drive, depression, and hot flashes which can be extremely uncomfortable.

Hot flashes are also an uncomfortable condition which may cause flushing, red face, a feeling of being very warm all over and sweating. This can also cause a woman to feel less attractive to her partner. Low self esteem is also a symptom that may occur. When undergoing such life altering changes, many women need a period of time to deal with and adjust to the notion of aging.

Additionally, other changes which may occur are the natural aging process of the body. This may not apply to younger women who experience menopause very early in life. This is not common, but it does happen. Women who are 50 plus often experience changes such as weight gain, obesity and other health problems. These may also have an effect on the libido.

Treatments for symptoms of menopauseThe most common treatment of menopausal symptoms is hormone replacement therapy. Menopause causes the body to massively decrease the production of estrogen. With a lack of estrogen in the body, some women experience symptoms that are severe and troublesome. Hormone therapy tricks the body into believing that it is still producing estrogen, which generally alleviates or eliminates embarrassing hot flashes, vaginal pain due to thinning tissues and lack of natural lubrication.

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Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Even though clothes don’t always make the man, it does take the right man to wear black clothing with style and dignity. Regal, debonair and always trendy, all-black outfits occupy a prominent place in the sophisticated fashion collection of any stylistically discerning gentleman, so you definitely should stack some in your closet, just to stay on the safe side.

Whether or not the all-black look is right up your alley, there are occasions where blacker-than-black attire is a true asset so check out some practical tips on how and where to wear your black suits and garments to a most befitting effect.

Paint it black: Business look par excellence

Though some fashion editors don’t regard an all-black office style with approval, black business outfits do have their upsides. Slick and super-simple to coordinate color-wise with almost any pair of shoes and fashion accessories you have at hand, a hefty stack of wardrobe pieces in black is a welcome staple for a hard-working lawyer, clerk or salesman looking to make a credible professional impression on their clients.

A pair of tight-fitting black trousers and dark brogues topped by a black collar shirt with metal cufflinks or a full-size black suit rounded off with a white pocket square or silk tie and a tasteful watch can do wonders for your business so go and order a handful of customer tailor suits ASAP if you want to climb up the corporate ladder fast.

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