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Osprey Ozone Series
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Check out the video to get the ultralight details - not at the expense of strength. 

Samsung M3 Slimline 2TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive - Black Unboxing
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EDIT Dec 2015- this is an older model now the amazon listing should be your first port of call for checking this new model out but really expect much of the same. This works out of the box in extending your XBOX ONE internal memory ! Awesome news indeed.

Older model review follows...[EDIT End]
I just took possession of my western digital 'MY PASSPORT' USB 3 portable hard drive. I got it for my Mac Book Air (MBA). I am very happy with the weight the size and its damn sexy. I went for blue. Its a 1TB model and it was pretty much plug and play the MBA spotted it needed formatting straight away and also defualt TIME MACHINE for me. Its wonderful being a part of the mac eco system. You must read more of this if you are in the market take advantage of my research as always and desire to get the best value and stye in products.

Cowmooflage Toddler Car Seat
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A review follows for the highly stylish child or toddler seat from britax.

Knomo Close Up
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I needed something to transport / protect my functional uber stylish and practical Macbook Air 13 inch. After cruising past the long queue for the iphone 5 release in westfield I found a few cases and sleeves. And the one I was looking for the Knomo 13 inch envelope. Its double the average cost of most offerings but will proabbly look good next year when these others are looking grubby at least I'm justifying the premium price tag of 64.99.

macbook air unboxing part one.
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I will be contributing to this review as time permits. So far I am enjoying the rapid boot times given by SSD and am not feeling any heat issues. The screen seems to have been thought through in terms of the resolution as well, things dont appear too small. I couldn't decide if I needed the power of the i7 and probably will be using it at limited times for some video converting.

nano watch strap -  ican see it trending
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This is a strap for your new square and hip at the same time nano ! From 

iWatchz Kube


turning your nano into a watch !!!

Good finish overall
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We got this ordered to find that the drawer though shown was a two handed wooden tongue and groove not the metal draw glider shown. Apart from that gripe (no one handed action as its too stiff) this is a great looking cot bed among a sea of basic cots. It came with a mattress too. Bear in mind that most cots don't have this drawer it was extra value.

Aqua Sphere Swimming Goggles For Big Noses !
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In search of a comfortable pair of goggles that don't leak and you have a big nose ? You are in the right place. After suffering with brands such as speedo and while looking stylish (kind of unless I attempt a kick turn) I found these from Aqua Sphere - a great comfortable fit and no leaks ! The added bonus is the adjust-ability is simply a joy to use and gets them so comfortable you forget you have them on. What more do you want ?

Looking for something to spice up your swim workouts - the garmin swim mate is worth a look, you can upload your performance and either just keep track against yourself or the www.

Quality gift choices with personalized items
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MayaEdbergMayaEdberg   May 28, 2012   1223   0   3   0   0   0

Whether it is for a friend or a relative or for you, beautiful baby gifts are a wonderful way to welcome those precious new additions to the family. A beautiful baby gift brings a smile on the face of baby as well as parents.

Tips on Buying Children’s Beds
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A long, long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away, people gathered mud, stones, woods and other available materials to form a raised part of their house where they would lay down to sleep

Baby Carriers - Backpacks Travel Systems
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It is a liberating feeling to be able to walk through the woods (watch babies head) or even go shopping ** with your baby securely and comfortably on your back. Some systems offer the baby to be resting on your chest this removes some risk and the extra security of you being able to have eyes on your baby. For example you can see when a wasp might be on your baby. These are the only negatives we can see to these systems.

**Backpacks make you much thicker and obviously baby makes you taller. It would be possible to put your babies head at risk in certain environments that you may forget. BEAR THIS CONSTANTLY IN MIND.

Great Gifts for Mom and Baby!
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When you’re shopping for a gift for a new baby and looking for a little something special for mom too, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of baby products and it can be hard to know what gifts to choose. Baby Boxes carries the perfect gifts for newborn baby.

Inspirational Ideas For Christmas Shopping
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I have taken a few photos of displays this year and will explain more about what I like in some of the shopping for Christmas I have done so far.

Mens Stylish Watches by Firetrap

Firetrap have some well styled mens watches out right now and I would love to have one of them on my wrist after the past few years struggling to find something suitable,

When I try shopping for others I always end up straying to stuff I would like and then when I think I have managed to bring the focus back to the task at hand I still think my presents through as if I was the person. In the photos I have for example boxing kit, with a proper bag for allowing the little boy to bash out the Smarties E numbers on a mini boxing bag. Inline skates are a risky present.

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MayaEdbergMayaEdberg   October 30, 2011   1988   0   0   0   0   0

Nap time for the baby rarely means downtime for the parents. Parents are just as much on call when their baby is taking a nap or going to bed for the night as they are when the baby is up and running around.

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Our mobile phones are often cornerstones of how we express ourselves, from custom ringtones and wallpapers to the cases we decide to use in order to protect them. While each of these options is a personal testament to personal style, there are a few cellphones available on the market that are designer items in and of themselves. Often studded with crystals or featuring wild colors one would not normally see on a smartphone, these designer phones can be all the rage if you can afford them. Check out these top five designer mobile phones and marvel at the price people will pay in order to be unique.

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