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Waterfall Graphic Print [Osaka Station City] 1
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Guest   September 15, 2011   1622   1   0   0   0   0

In this great idea can be found the time, how on earth do they program that ?

Floral Pattern
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Guest   September 06, 2011   1946   0   2   0   0   0

Labouring so hard on my first house at times has been very rewarding and at other times such as the subject of this rant very disappointing. We didn't want to buy 'cheap' looking items to add such as curtains and blinds or lights. So we entertained very much the idea of getting a Next Look in our front room and master bedroom, despite the fact that the prices are quite expensive for example our curtains at standard size were 70 pounds. How could this have gone wrong we thought ?

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Alcoves reminds me of a library (and other storage thoughts)
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editoreditor   April 16, 2011   1287   0   2   0   0   0

This could be slimmed down to fit your flat or studio, the wood can come out slightly and the recess goes onto the wall so some space is lost. I like the extensions of this idea - cubes that offer storage space for your childs bedroom is inexpensive and stackable - so very scalable just like your child.

red bathroom
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editoreditor   April 15, 2011   1286   0   2   0   0   0
It's as simple as the paint so don't get it wrong. Here is getting it right so we present this nice strong red kitchen and bathroom. Very accessible to the masses so just make sure to loose the clutter.
Kitchen Interior Design
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editoreditor   April 15, 2011   1309   0   1   0   0   0

Mixing the old with the new, this kitchen interior design from All Croft House. 'As a professional interior design consultancy, Allcroft House Interiors focuses on quality, practicality, detail and value to create functional, desirable spaces.'

Clean Kitchen from All Croft House
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editoreditor   April 15, 2011   1200   0   1   0   0   0

In this kitchen we like the lighting and the hard clean surfaces, as a kitchen should appear clean. Visit Allcroft Design Consultancy to realise a desirable space for yourself.

Barrel Arch Porch Entry
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TarsuliyaTarsuliya   January 09, 2011   2189   0   2   0   0   0

* This rustic home plan features an attractive barrel vaulted porch entry. The porch wraps on three sides and at 8' in depth has more than enough room for outdoor furniture.
* Inside you are welcomed by the open floor plan and soaring spaces with the 2-story living room making the entire floor bright and airy.
* A built-in seat is a nice feature in the dining area as is the fireplace.
* Upstairs you'll find the master suite. If needed, use the loft as a third bedroom or loft space.
* Added Service: Log Packages are available. Call or write for more information and pricing. Or convert to 2x6 and get nicely insulated exterior walls.

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Hill House by Warwick Mihaly in Australia
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TarsuliyaTarsuliya   December 22, 2010   1866   0   3   0   0   0

Hill House was designed by Warwick Mihaly Architect in Merricks, Victoria, Australia is Vineyard house interacts with its environment. It explores the relationship between the controlled order of the vineyard and the natural disorder of the land.

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Casa Son Vida 2, Mallorca, Spain
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Guest   April 15, 2010   1924   0   9   0   0   0

Adjacent to the original is Casa Son Vida 2. A pared down, simplified box structure, this 600 m2 home makes the most of its secluded and private setting on a large private plot. The least avant garde of the Platinum Estates villas, this modern home is nonetheless a departure from the typical Mediterranean homes that abound on the island. Traditional boundaries are blurred in this rectilinear house with spaces flowing seamlessly between indoor and out. A master suite perches above the infinity pool allowing endless views across the surrounding hill tops. Structurally a box, this residence is anything but square.

24 results - showing 16 - 24  
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