Savoring the Seaside Flavours of Peru’s North Coast

By Marianne Comilang

(all photos also by author)

With year-round sunshine and blue skies, the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean and kilometres of golden sand, Máncora is quickly becoming one of Peru’s most popular destinations. Located in the country’s northern coast, Peruvians and foreigners alike are now flocking to this small seaside town to enjoy some fun in the sun and, of course, fresh seafood.

Máncora proper is small and easy to navigate, with one main road that parallels the coastline. You’ll find most of the restaurants in one of these two locations. Suffice to say, it doesn’t take long to discover the area’s best places to enjoy a great meal.

DCO Restaurant at DCO Suites, Lounge and Spa (Playa Las Pocitas)

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Huerta and Goischke: The Spirit of Silk in Peru

By Barbara de Mul

I always thought that silk was just for pyjama's and maybe the occasional scarf, so I was quite thrilled to stumble upon Huerta-Goischke, a full-fledged collection of luxury poncho's, necklaces, shoes, wallets, in a happy marriage between colourful pre-Columbian and luxurious Asian silk. 

Want to see your memories of your flight over the Nazca lines eternalized on your favorite scarf when you wear it to the office? Do you work with Peruvians and want to send an appreciative message by offering a personalized (business) gift? Do you wish to convert your tie into a conversation starter?

If your answer is yes to one of the three questions, chances are you’ll want to add Huerta-Goischke to your shopping address book. Expect to see the famous Nazca condor in a bright sky blue flying over a desert yellow tie, a series of tumi’s (ceremonial sacrificial knives) adorning a shawl, or fun espadrilles with drawings from the Chimu found in the famous adobe city in Chan Chan.

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Mistura: Annual Festival of Food in the Gastronomic Capital of South America


By Andreas Ambarchian

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Top Luxury Hotels & Spas in Peru


By James Bridgeford II

If you are a traveler looking for your next luxury vacation then you will find a variety of appealing destinations in South America, and one place you should definitely consider is Peru. Here, you can get a lot of luxury for a lot less than you might expect.

The experience you have and the quality of service you encounter are sure to exceed your expectations. To help you with planning your vacation here are some of the key destinations in Peru and luxurious hotel options and spas available in the area.


When visiting Peru you will more than likely start your journey in Lima. Previously, some travelers chose to fly directly to their next destination without spending any time in the city. However, in recent years there has been an increased interest in visiting the cosmopolitan capital.

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Digging Beneath the Surface of Lima: PreColombian Archaeology By Mike Gasparovic

Digging Beneath the Surface of Lima: PreColombian Archaeology By Mike Gasparovic

For most travelers, Lima represents modern Peru—a city of trendy restaurants, discos, and shopping centers that one must pass through en route to the ancient marvels of Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

What few realize, however, is that Peru’s capital conceals ruins far older than anything built by the Incas. Beneath the desert sands of the region lie artifacts that date back not centuries, but millennia. These archaeological treasures were already turning to dust before the first stones were laid at Cuzco.

The two sites listed below are must-sees for anyone visiting Lima. Together they afford a glimpse of el Peru profundo—the deep Peru that continues to exert its pressure on the present.

Huaca Pucllana Calle General Borgoño cuadra 8 (Miraflores) 445-8695

Located in the heart of ultra-modern Miraflores, just steps from the bustling Ovalo Gutierrez, this huaca (sacred monument) offers stunning testimony to the persistence of the past in Peru’s capital.

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