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Some special valentines day ideas


What should I gift to my love on this Valentine’s Day? It’s a very common question many people ask themselves when the valentine day (14th February) approaches. Especially, this comes to mind as we completely get bombarded by advertising from various businesses and presents that seems to get bigger and highly expensive as the year passes. However, not always the valentine day gift needs to be expensive or bigger. The main thing is that it is given with consideration and intent as a symbol of your love. After all, it’s your thoughts and commitments that matters.

Valentine Coffee in Bed

The simplest, yet impressive and affordable way to start your valentine’s day is by giving your beloved a fancy espresso with milk pattern in the shape of heart created by yourself. It isn’t hard to make one, search the YouTube for inspiration.

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Useful Tips To Buy Baby Clothes From Local California Fashion Stores

Having a baby is a fun and life-changing experience, but no new mother will deny the fact that it can be pretty stressful too. The last thing you will want to worry about is buying baby clothes that do not fit or irritate your baby’s skin. It is true that shopping online is wonderful when you are shopping for things which do not need to fit. But when it comes to baby clothes California, shopping locally makes a lot of sense. Here are useful tips you can use to make sure that you get great deals at local retail stores when shopping for clothes for your baby.


Local stores are your best option

When it is baby clothes California we are talking about, California fashion stores are the ones to depend on. The simple reason for this is that your baby is a tender being with extremely sensitive and soft skin. The best way to go about buying clothes for him/her is to feel them before purchasing. This way you will be able to judge the fabric and understand whether the cut and style will suit her before you make your choice.

Going online to shop at local physical stores

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How To Refinish Your Mirrored Closet Doors?

Are you thinking of getting your outdated mirrored closet doors refurbished? You are probably deciding right. If your closet doors (whether these are bi-fold doors or any other) no longer interest you or keep up their appearance in line with the overall decor of your room, then it’s time to have them replaced. You can opt for more modern choices while preparing a closet-door project.


While reworking on your closet doors, you will require these following materials and tools before proceeding with the renovation.

  1. Medium density fiberboard strips (preferably three inches in size)
  2. Brackets for dowels
  3. Heavy-duty panel adhesive
  4. Screws and drills
  5. One eighth-inches thick plywood
  6. Paintbrushes
  7. Oil-based stain
  8. Water-based polyurethane
  9. A standard paint roller
  10. Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)
  11. Skil saw
  12. Wooden dowels and nail gun (five eighth inches in size)

Once you have collected these implements, follow the below given steps carefully to refurbish your closet doors.

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DJI Inspire Setup and Demo +Inspire App Features

DJI Inspire Setup and Demo +Inspire App Features

Also see below for the answer to the Question : What is the gopro hero 4 black 4k video like ?

I run a Phantom 2 from DJI FPV system which is capable of full 4k professional aerial footage both photographs and video. This inspire takes things to a different level in areas that you may or may not need. I shall explore the inspire further but for now the phantom 2 has everything I need and travels well also.

What is the big advantage to the inspire ? Well for me it is the almost full control of the camera while flying. So you can tune the exposure for example or frame rate or resolution, yes it does support 4k up to 25fps so seems to be on a par with the hero 4 black from gopro. But this is adding a lot of cost to the hobbyist and I feel pushes this into the company realm. We will have to see how the production inspires turn out and maybe see what a second generation inspire brings. But in closing it is what dji do best they marry the apps and peripheral stuff to the multirotor model - its how they weave it altogether its what apple would be making if they did quad copters. I am very very happy with mine.

Answering the question on how good is the video of the gopro 4 black edition shooting at 4k in reality?
Here is a still made from 4k video with the gopro hero 4 black edition. (the image seen needs to be downloaded or inspected at the full file size it has been reduced in size to fit this blog post.)

In fact its not true 4k but UHDTV with a slightly smaller resolution of 3840 x 2160 (this was my first shock)- you may need to right click to get the image in a new browser tab to see the full size version - or download it and inspect it more closely. I do have to say that you can zoom in and take a crop at a quarter and still see a sharp image. I might be with a lot of people saying that technology has gone beyond what we can natively appreciate ! I think the value of the slow motion 1080p for action sports is worth looking at otherwise 4k might be of use for projecting a large image perhaps. Not sure..

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Aidonia - missed this fish caught after re trolling



Yep great lyrics (cornerstone of the dancehall genre of today) but alos that gravelly voice mistaken by the editor for that dancehall legend himself beenieman ! These guys dont mince words and hence dont make mainstream cu;ture - how are you going to market this ? The relaity is that thet do two versionsclean and raw...

listen to the awesomeness here - and understand why i needed to cut some gamerdj here

Gamerdj dancehall part 1

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