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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Architecture and Interior

Men are notoriously oblivious when it comes to interior design. Take a look into a bachelor's pad or a married guy's man cave and you'll likely see a motley assortment of decorations, or none at all. In the Wall Street Journal, contributor Dale Hrabi said, "It's assumed that they're either indifferent . . . or energetically tasteless." Case in point: the 2012 Man Cave of the Year, declared by, showcased such mismatched accessories as a suit of armor, a fire hydrant, and plastic toy cars.

Tariq Dixon, co-founder of Trnk of New York City, hopes to create a new style that a man's man can get behind with interesting themes and masculine patterns. His company "explores broader notions of what the male living space can be," which is another way of saying, guys who care even a little bit can get their space to "match" in a cool way.

Co-founders Tariq and Nick Nemecheck, both 27, started their business as an answer for men who are discouraged from exploring interior design by the feminine nature of design magazines. Men can be bewildered by the feminine look of bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, and the truth is, women are
the targets of these magazines. Design writers don't expect men to care about such topics. Dixon aims  to change that assumption with his company's designs, in which, he said, "you won't see toile, tuffets, canopy beds, flora and fauna wallpaper, and other cliches of ladylike design."

Instead of flowers and ruffles, expect to see a preponderance of distressed leather, midcentury modern furniture, geometric rugs, and one or two dead animals. To prove to guys that these styles are "cool" or "manly," Trnk has created a "Stories" page which points to celebrities and other role models who incorporate similar color palettes and designs into their interior design. A major portion of the men featured are single, but a third are married, indicating that men can still make design decisions once they share their homes with a female companion.

A few trends users can expect to see include heritage design (with patriotic colors and American flags), cowhide rugs, vintage products, and globes. Dixon said, "We've visited about 30 homes already and half of them had globes" which he said is because "men often gravitate to decorative objects they can rationalize as functional."

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Posted by on in Entertainment

It is one of the perks of being a webmaster (that is you look after aspects of a website) - ok what perk...seeing what people typed into search engines and they arrived at your website. So here is the start of a list that we will tweet to keep you updated so just make sure you follow @stylereview to get them as and when they come out. The bit in the brackets is our editorial comment.

" construction worker goggles 'for bigger noses' " 

"good reasons why you should wear a hoodie" (I can't think of any for myself)

"romantic message for the ex couples deepika and ranbir"

"we're the millers kissing scene hd" (not funny in the phrase but that scene is indeed worth a search)

Tagged in: funny
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Posted by on in General Design Style Fashion


Unlike fashion, jewelry trends come and go in a slow-paced tempo. Sure, some are traditionally more popular than others and new trends always emerge, but it seems that the general audience always prefers their jewelry versatile and wearable. This Spring/Summer season seems to be a little bit different, though, since most designers took bold moves which shifted their jewelry in new and exciting directions. We certainly don't mind - here are the future hits of Spring/Summer 2014!

NecklacesGeometric shapes and exotic additions pretty much sum up the oncoming necklace trends, with a lot of silver and gold. Some examples which follow the rule are the Trompe-l'oeil pearls at Chanel. It seems that Chanel always sticks to its classics, or at least that's the case with their well-known pearl motif - this time recreated in a casually worn, giant pearl necklace which resembles the headphones of some sort – but I mean it in a classy, high-brow way.

We've seen some interesting zodiac signs pendants coming from Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccoli, the duo behind the Valentino Label. These talismans seem stylish, a bit exotic and definitely unique.

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Personal Camera System and Go Pro DIY mount for backpack

I have long thought (maybe a couple of years) that it is a matter of time before we have clothing that has a 'standard' mount inside say the jacket or similar. It may be that on your walk home nothing happened. But like many cyclists will tell you its for the days that something does happen that you wish you had the evidence. Already on cars it would have given my friend a chance at getting to the responsible (irresponsible driver ?) person who's lorry shed a brick which bounced into his car. Video evidence is great for cars. A video should just also detect motion so that it turns on and off as needed and I found perhaps the perfect video product from china for this. I digress slightly as this is about personal mounting systems in the videos case a backpack. Do check the cyclists in London fighting back by having bike mounted go pro cameras getting motorists and bus drivers in digital reality should they decide to ignore you on the road. Equally you may be the motorist and are able to show that it was not your fault. Yes folks video evidence in car in person is a new thing to come. I think car manufactureres will start to build this in in time.

SO staying positive or more so CREATIVE this video shows how to take PVC piping and connectors to make a frame and hold your go pro or other camera. I'm not sure you need to glue it (the inner frame) but would wait and make final adjustments before doing that. I also thought that the arm looked way too long , needed for 3rd person looking at yourself. I prefer outward looking capture as a personal thing anyway it looks weird looking at yourself walking in amazing scenery when the audience simply wants to see what you see anyway.

Related video : DIY Ski Pole Mount (DIY Pole Mount GOPRO)

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Posted by on in Lifestyle


Whether you’re barely hitting your thirties, or creeping into your fifties, there will always be that worry of looking older than you are. Aging is something that will happen to the best of us, but there are ways of slowing it down. If you want to look younger for longer, without investing in surgery, then these top tips will help you achieve just that.

Drink Plenty of water

How many of us drink that recommended 8 glasses, or two pints, of water every day? Come on, be honest! A busy lifestyle tends to take over, and priorities like drinking 8 glasses of water are lost under that massive pile of washing you need to get through. Water is the key to fresher looking, youthful skin, so it’s important we drink as much as we can. One top tip from a nutritionist is to buy a small bottle of water and keep refilling it. You only need to refill a 500ml water bottle 4 times, which makes it easier to keep track of than refilling a glass.

Cut out alcohol and cigarettes

This can be a tough tip to follow for those who like a few glasses of wine at the weekend, along with a cheeky cigarette. However, if you really want to look younger for longer, these bad habits need to stop. It’s okay to drink, in moderation; in fact some experts say that the odd glass of wine will help you to detox. Smoking, however; there’s nothing good about that. Cut it out or at least cut down for glowing skin and fewer wrinkles.

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