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Great Gifts for Mom and Baby!
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MayaEdbergMayaEdberg   February 28, 2012   1178   0   4   0   0   0

When you’re shopping for a gift for a new baby and looking for a little something special for mom too, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of baby products and it can be hard to know what gifts to choose. Baby Boxes carries the perfect gifts for newborn baby.

Inspirational Ideas For Christmas Shopping
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editoreditor   December 11, 2011   1673   0   8   0   0   0

I have taken a few photos of displays this year and will explain more about what I like in some of the shopping for Christmas I have done so far.

Mens Stylish Watches by Firetrap

Firetrap have some well styled mens watches out right now and I would love to have one of them on my wrist after the past few years struggling to find something suitable,

When I try shopping for others I always end up straying to stuff I would like and then when I think I have managed to bring the focus back to the task at hand I still think my presents through as if I was the person. In the photos I have for example boxing kit, with a proper bag for allowing the little boy to bash out the Smarties E numbers on a mini boxing bag. Inline skates are a risky present.

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MayaEdbergMayaEdberg   October 30, 2011   2007   0   0   0   0   0

Nap time for the baby rarely means downtime for the parents. Parents are just as much on call when their baby is taking a nap or going to bed for the night as they are when the baby is up and running around.

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chrispchrisp   October 27, 2011   1994   0   0   0   0   0

Our mobile phones are often cornerstones of how we express ourselves, from custom ringtones and wallpapers to the cases we decide to use in order to protect them. While each of these options is a personal testament to personal style, there are a few cellphones available on the market that are designer items in and of themselves. Often studded with crystals or featuring wild colors one would not normally see on a smartphone, these designer phones can be all the rage if you can afford them. Check out these top five designer mobile phones and marvel at the price people will pay in order to be unique.

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editoreditor   October 07, 2011   1966   0   0   0   0   0

It may not sport a bigger screen or a different design, but the iPhone 4S is certainly a step on from itspredecessor, although much of the attention will be focused on just how big that step is.

Sporting the already-lauded A5 processor, improved aerial signal and a better camera, the hardware changes to the iPhone 4S from theiPhone 4 are by no means striking. It's difficult not to feel a little underwhelmed that an incremental increase has been 16 months coming.

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editoreditor   September 22, 2011   1578   0   0   0   0   0
From the many reviews on amazon this small radio control helicopter might just be the solution to one of your presents this christmas. A full out of the box product this is not like the blade MSR a highly engineered and robust model. So your son or brother can start playing with it straight away. It is supposed to be easy to fly too with a built in GYRO.
I dont know how she does it ?
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Guest   September 15, 2011   1874   0   0   0   0   0

I Don't Know How She Does It The film is due shortly inspired from the book see link above. Staring Sarah Jessica Parker Pierce Brosnan and Christina Hendricks. Promises a lot of laughs and how will SJP make it as a mom style character on screen. I wonder if she can escape the Sex in The City character ?

The Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder™
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Guest   September 14, 2011   8212   0   2   0   0   0

The Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder™ is the first fixed soother holder that permanently attaches two dummies to the mattress of a cot. It is the answer to the problem many parents face when moving their baby from a Moses Basket to a cot - How to keep the dummy from getting lost inside the cot or completely falling out!

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baby expert   July 15, 2011   4408   0   0   0   0   0

This is a baby monitor which has the facility to alert you if the baby stops movement which can include the delicate breaths your baby takes. It resumes with movement and halts the gentle alarm but gives you a warning that it did indeed go off unless you thought you had dreamt it.

*** Please read this NHS document for help in resucitating your child ***

We like the following especially
The motion sensor pad works well and can be shut of with a switch on the Child Unit
Its a nice design and a reasonable size footprint
You get a room temperature reading on the well lit display
It does seem to have everything you need in the box

The worlds most stylish Office Chair
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editoreditor   June 09, 2011   2526   0   3   0   0   0

Probably the worlds most stylish office chair ! How original - you see this mas no ending. Almost as good as the quagmire in family guy. We lost the link to the original blog post - they removed it so sorry about that.


IPhone goes white and luxury ! CHIC edition
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editoreditor   March 28, 2011   1498   0   1   0   0   0

Apple iphone 4 embellished in Platinum & Swarovski. This stunning iPhone  is uniquely crafted.  Each iPhone is hand finished and inlaid with more than 500 best quality Swarovski stones. Like the diamond setting process each stone is individually set so they run seamlessly along the circumference of the bezel complimenting the curves of the device while adding seductive detail.This iphone is Exclusive only to Goldstriker. Choice of crystals are,

Shocking Pink , Sapphire Blue  , Emerald Green & Midnight Black. PRICED AT £2,795 for 32gb versions

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Essentials Set Review
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editoreditor   March 18, 2011   5385   0   4   0   0   1

We thought this set was pretty neat, cute themal pouches hold milk or water hot or cold. We will post more as we discover how well it works in practise. There is a tool for cleaning the exterior and a special end for getting the hard to reach end inside ends of the teats.

As of today currently on offer at £69.99 from mothercare - please follow the link in red to support us. 

Baby K Change Bag
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editoreditor   March 18, 2011   11241   3   1   0   0   0

Editors note : Really not sure where you can find these for sale these days - check the mazon link above. It looks like stock is low we will keep you posted.

This bag while not cheap is very nice to look at and has space to hold the essentials you will need on a jaunt around primrose hill and beyond. It can be purchased to go to the hospital before the arrival and will help you look good when you feel that you may not !

This bag still hasn't changed since launch and can be hard to get hold of.

Mothercare Baby Support Pillow Review
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editoreditor   March 14, 2011   3501   2   4   0   0   0

It may seem like rather a strange product but the pillow here is so versatile you would miss it in a second were you not to have it. It is nice in the way that it can take the form of the baby and be wedged in place so you have more control over feeding for example.


Mothercare Spin Pram Review
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editoreditor   March 13, 2011   26992   1   10   0   0   1


Myself and girlfriend recently took a look at the mothercare spin pram. Well we went to check out all kinds of prams and stuff and this no doubt pushed gently by the salespeople in terms of its positioning by the shop. We liked it a lot and will post our review as soon as our baby is born and we get to use it. Initially though we got to test drive it in the store and this is our thoughts.

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