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Never Underestimate the Importance of Shower Filters for Health

Never Underestimate the Importance of Shower Filters for Health

Everyone enjoys a nice hot shower or hot bath, especially in the winter. If your showerhead has a shower filter you are safe and protected against the harmful effects of chlorine in your shower water. Dr. Lance Wallace, of The Environmental Protection Agency, found that when you shower without a filtered shower, six hundred times the amount of chlorine gas is released thanin the contents of 2 liters of drinking water. Your skin and hair absorb this chlorine and are damaged in the process. Shower filters make all the difference, promoting good health, making your hair shine and skin glow, as they remove harmful chlorine from the shower water. Ever since the 1970s there have been concerns about the toxicity of chlorine, indicating a link of chlorine to cancer and cardiovascular problems; documented in The Nader Report. Given the dangers of chlorinated water reported in this and other studies has given rise to the manufacture of quality showerhead filters that remove chlorine.

Quality shower filters use a combinationof carbon/KDF adsorption type filter elements. Catalytic carbon filters are more effective and work better at removing both chlorine and chloramines from the shower water.It’s important to inquire into the type of filtration media in a shower filter before purchasing one. Another consideration is the amount of water your shower filter can process before it has to be replaced. In areas with high chlorine concentration in tap water, you may have to replace it sooner than the manufacturer’s recommendation or buy one that has a higher capacity. You may want to consider the Omica shower filter that uses amulti-stage shower filter system that includes two types of activated carbon (catalytic and coconut shell), copper zinc oxidation media, activated alumina, zeolite, and virgin quartz crystals to remove chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, VOCs, heavy metals, dirt and sediments from the water as well as balancing the pH. This type of filter gives you chlorine free water, safeguards your health and keeps your hair glossy and skin glowing. Proprietary brands use a combination of KDF and chlorgon materials in the cartridges contained in the shower filters, needing replacement between 3 months to one year, depending upon the shower filter model. It all boils down to buying reputed shower filters from known brands, possibly with NSF testing or with a similar quality assurance certification.

You can find a variety of shower filters to suit different types of shower heads. These shower filters can be the compact inline type, ideal for hand-held showers, to larger cartridges that last longer. In any case, never shower without a chlorine- removing shower filter if you truly want to enjoy your shower or bath without the health risks.

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