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Can you fly the DJI Phantom in Strong Wind ? Hell Yes !

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Park Flyers and Radio Control Toys for bigger Boys

The Parrot AR 2 Drone Review

The Parrot ar2 drone has a very active social community where you can get games and augmented reality apps that allow you to have fun with the drone in a new age toy kind of way. Its one of the positives about this model - its not a cheap toy and you can get spares and this particular one uses your ipad or android over wifi to control it. You wont get the same kind of range as a true RC model but its worth exploring this as the ultimate shock toy for your boy ! 

They (Quads) can right themselves after any kind of loss of control and can be programmed to return to you too. Its this kind of reason that quads also get boring quickly a the human likes a challenge. Enter the park flyer that is fixed wing. The hardest to fly are helicopters of the non twin rotor design that you can fly very easily - the second rotor counteracts the the first and stabilises aong with the gyro the helicpoter for easier flying.

Fixed wing planes are those that have a wing that doesnt move so spitfires, biplanes and cessnas all fit the bill here. A helicopter's wing is its rotor which moves and so is not included in this category. While on the subject of helicopters you get two kinds of toys - most cheap ones are the twin rotor ones that have two main rotors turning in opposite direction. This is not normal but gives a much easier to fly experience.

Quads are for other kids of fun. they offer different kinds of fun like programming waypoints (for some more advanced kinds) or offer built in cameras for filming. Some also have a camera that offers FPV that is First Person View so you can see where the model is flying. This can be broadcast to your tablet or smartphone.

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