How To Select Your Accessories with Leggings

The trend of leggings is in fashion, everyone wears it in different styles, but it is not necessary that the look you are choosing for yourself is always a good one. The leggings are suitable for any type of the dressing, but sometimes girls make mistakes while wearing it, you have to mix up the leggings with the accessories which really look good and attractive to you.

Mistake Done While Selecting Accessories: The biggest mistake that is done by the girls mostly is that they consider leggings as pants, they use to wear the shirt tucked in the leggings which do not look so cool or decent if you want to dress like this you have to choose pants like for example skinny pants or leather pants.The other mistake that is done mostly is that girl and women’s wear the printed leggings with printed shirts which look awkward  and do not look pleasant, the right choice is printed leggings with plain shirt or plain leggings with printed shirts. It will give you a good look instead of looking weird.

Pay Attention to you shoes: The other thing on which you have to think for a minute while dressing up is the selection of shoes with the outfit, any type of shoes can go with leggings but it depends on your style and outfit and the event for which you are dressing up.

Suppose if you are wearing the outfit for outdoor, not for a function, and then the best choice for the shoes is simple, without any shine and glitters or other shoes which gives a loud look. The choice of boots depends upon your taste, you can go for sandals, and especially in summers the sandals give a nice addition to your outfit depends on your comfort level that what you choose either the flat sandals or with heels. The point to keep in mind is that you have to decide that the style of sandal is matching with leggings or not because it varies according to the type of legging you are wearing. In summer the cool choice is flat cloth boots, which not give you a comfortable walk but also a good look. The style of the shoes varies according to the season like it look good and attractive to go with long boots, high heel boots, or any other type of boot. Even the long boots with are from knee, thigh they look perfectly trendy, but the mistaken that is often made, but girls is that they wear high boots with any type of legging like with shine women leggings, which really not give a fashion example, and it gives a thinking that you do not have any fashion sense, so whenever you are wearing the shine women leggings do not choose the simple high boots.

The fashion of legging is still in and it will be with the same demand after years, but with modifications in the designs and the styles, if you want to buy the legging at affordable prices you can go for discount leggings online.

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CRUISE your way to Spring with Floral designer wear

CRUISE your way to Spring with Floral designer wear

With Spring just around the corner, CRUISE have got a stunning selection of vivid and arresting floral designs that will help wash away your wardrobe's winter blues.

Explore collections from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Ted Baker and Givenchy for the inspiration you've been looking for...

Shop The Floral Prints NOW
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10 to Die For Beach Bikini Wear Trends

Summer 2017 is finally here!

Now that the last of the Winter holidays is finally behind us, along with that heart-shaped box of chocolates, it’s time to start thinking beach. Your favorite stores are already racking up the bikinis, and they are smokin’ this season. Start getting ready now if you want to prance around in the sand in one of these sexy numbers.

If fashion week was any indication, Beaches and pools around the world are in for a big treat this summer. From what we saw on the runways, and now in stores, there is tons of diversity in swim wear this season. This should make it a snap to find a suit that looks like a million bucks on any body type.

Secure your place as the babe on the beach with high-waist bottoms, cut out panels and jet-setting prints and you’ll need your own life raft to keep the sharks away.

Eye-Popping Prints

Women look for prints in swim wear to show some skin while camouflaging flaws, and nothing can make your assets stand out better than an eye-popping 3D design. When strategically placed, all eyes are drawn where you want them, overlooking where you don’t. You may even get that sunglass lift look if your prints are placed right. 

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Cruise Spring Summer Promo Code Sports Luxe


Some great ideas from CRUISE to get into shape for the summer it starts around now ! There is nothing like looking good to make you feel like getting that run started.

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How to be a Successful Model If You are Not Six Feet Tall

How to be a Successful Model If You are Not Six Feet Tall

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a professional model? Some girls dreamed about it when they were young and they fantasized so much of catwalks, cameras and advertisements, that it all stayed just a dream for them. However, being beautiful on a billboard and TV commercials requires special skills, not just having natural beauty. Even if you meet professional model in the streets, it is highly unlikely that you would recognize her.

Beyond the body

The world of modelling is emerged in the large and powerful industry of modern fashion but it has not stopped there. If you are not highly adaptive person ready to transform quickly, keeping the pace with new trends, you might not be the right person for this job. Your perfect physical characteristics can be a great benefit, but if you are not ready to give yourself completely to this business, you should better invest your time and effort into something else. It is a fast world with high expectations, and if you are lucky enough to be noticed on a casting and picked to do a show or a photo shoot, you are just on the beginning of your career.

What they expect from you

You are expected to be hard-working, open-minded, willing to cooperate, warm, communicative, cheerful and always ready to accept criticism and praise for your efforts. Whether they want to admit it or not, fashion designers want you to be slim and always in shape. Be prepared to start your day at 4 AM, just so you can keep up with your schedule. But this does not mean that you will have enough sleep next night. Depending on a niche you are interested in, different things are going to be expected from you; for example to take special care of your hair, teeth or feet.

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Skirts blog

Selecting some skirts semi regularly and posting here so consider to subscribe for changes to this post to get new skirts emailed across.

Bloom Skirt by Ted Baker (SALE) 


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Curvissa - the real woman's online store

Curvissa came about like a lot of sensible retail business through a market requirment. While it is nice to see all those super skinny models (not!) , the real woman fashion needs also need to be met.

Just because you are a plus size this doesn't mean that you should not have access to proper designer ware for the office and while at play. Fit is a crucial part of their offering knowing that its not just size but also fit that is important they created an online body shape calendar where you can input your measurements and shop by fit. When clothes fit properly the design works as intended and simply you will look great.A whopping 30% off for NEW Personal Account holders is entirely possible so it need not cost you much.

free Post and Packing to boot.

The last remining winter stock is also still on sale so why not take a look.

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Trendy and Sizzling Night Dress Makes You More Attractive

A sexy night dress would be a perfect complement to your equally sizzling hot and sexy body. It gets you more attractive in the eye of anybody who will be too lucky to see you on it. Getting the glamorous and trendy outfit for a seductive and extremely alluring look is no longer that difficult. The point is, you only need to know a few steps on how to choose a sexy nightwear. There might be a lot of different reasons why you would choose a night dress. Nonetheless, your goal is always to enhance the attraction you will exude the moment you get yourself into one of these trendy and sizzling treasures.  Below are details as to how a trendy and sizzling night dress can make you more attractive:

Sizzling sweet evening dress gets you the sexy yet sophisticated look.

A night dress can be something of a little detail while it can be elegant at the same time. Turn an ordinary night into something sweet and pretty hot by donning yourself with any of these loots

You can deliver a message without having to say it out, by simply wearing an evening gown.

This is when you wear something that speaks a lot of messages. Just make sure you are focused on what you want to happen.

The wild side of every woman is best expressed with a steamy night dress.

A hot trendy night dress is necessary in keeping your partner’s solo attention. Keep it up and make your night memorable.

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Fresh Cuts - Super Modern Hair for Spring

So whats going to be hot this year for your hair style ?

Hair trends in 2014 include gorgeous short hair cuts. The most talked about haircut in the recent past is Miley Cyrus’ asymmetric pixie. She has worn it parted to the side, in a quaff, slicked back, wavy, spiky and even messy. The short hair cut is versatile and there are thousands of examples of great ‘do’s’ for spring which makes it hard to choose but let’s look at some great hair styles for spring 2014. Yen hair let us know what they though would be some big cuts for spring 2014 lets see just how fresh you can look.

The pixie cut

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Natalie Portman Victoria Beckham and Ann Hathaway are all known for their super sexy short haircuts. Not forgetting Pink, short is in. Short hair makes you look younger, is versatile and super easy to take care of.

Wavy hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles make you look attractive and feminine. Hair trends in 2014 call for natural waves with a messy touch. Create defined waves with a vintage feel for a casual look while people with sleek hair can achieve that messy look with a curling iron and some texturizer. Tousle the curls with your fingers to achieve a natural look.  A centre part will give you an ethereal look.

Layered Hairstyles

There are infinite options when it comes to layered hairstyles. Layers can be added to long, short or medium hairstyles. The biggest advantage of layering is that it creates volume. Soft layers create a voluminous look for thin hair while choppy layers are great for heavy thick hair. A round brush makes styling layered hair easy. Bangs give layered hair more styling options.

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4 Things You Should Know Before You Choose Your Flower Girl

Having a flower girl is the best way to make that little one in your family feel special on your big day. They are the first ones to appear on your wedding aisle and announce your arrival. In fact the flower girl and the ring bearer are going to be the cutest members in your wedding party. Traditionally, all the flower girls were meant to wear white and replicate the bride, but not anymore. You can make them look cute and adorable in classic ivory tutus, satins and silks, with a big bow sash that matches your wedding theme.

Here are a few things to consider before you go out to choose your favorite flower girl.

Her Age

Flower girls are generally 3 to 8 years old. Consider her age before you choose a flowing gown for her. Also a young flower girl will always add to the charm and create some awe amongst the guests. Make sure she is old enough to understand your instructions and perform her duties well. Her age will define what she can do, whether its petal toss or banners or something more.

If you can't resist having a young flower girl who is less than five years old, make sure you have an adult supervising them all the time. You may have great ideas to deck them up in beautiful tutus or flowing gowns but will they be comfortable in such clothes, is the question.

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Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit for Summer in 2015

Summer 2015 is promising to be one of the hottest, so its time to put on your favourite swimsuit and head to the nearest pool or beach. Don’t have a favourite swimsuit, not sure which one to choose, well I am here to help. It’s as easy as two steps to have you looking your best poolside. First and most important when choosing the perfect swimsuit is cut. The basic types are the one piece, the tankini, the bikini and the monokini. Don’t be scared that most of those rhyme with "teeny". There are a variety of swimsuits that will suit your body type and shape.

Have a few "trouble areas" or sections you'd rather cover up? Don’t only focus on hiding imperfections; highlighting your assets is just as important in choosing the right swimwear.

For gals who want to minimize the tummy, choose a one piece with ruching around that area. A ruched swimsuit with a push up bra will hide your tummy, and draw attention to your girls. If you want a little more coverage down below, pick a swimsuit with a skirted bottom. Choose a cute tankini with a skirt, or a one piece with a skirt. Go ahead, loose the wrap and step out in confidence.

If you have no trouble zones and just want to show some skin, bikinis now are sexier than ever, low cut hipsters and side tie bottoms are all cute. Monokinis will give you that sexy backless effect, so dare to bare...a little bit more.

Choosing the perfect swimsuit is not all about cut. Colour is just as important. Use my tips and tricks to pick the best cut, and then have fun with colour. Mix and match colours, try a turquoise bandeau top, with a hot pink bottom for your next bikini. Tribal and ethnic prints make any monokini pop. And forget that "black is slimming" for all your swimsuits. Pick your favourite colour and pattern, red, bright yellow, or polka dot.

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