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Swimsuits for Mummy's that aren't Black!

If you're anything like me after the birth of your child, you are still struggling with the last bit of baby weight.  Yes, yes I know it's been nearly two years, but hey I'm getting on a bit now, it's damn hard when you're a busy working mum to find time to exercise in amongst, the washing, ironing etc.  So now I've given you my excuses as to why I still don't look like J Lo post twins birth, then I thought I'd share one of my dilemma's with you.  

Having just booked my Summer holiday (we go in 2 weeks), I get depressed at thought of wearing another black swimsuit or tankini, so thought I'm share some 'not black' one's that are still flattering for those of us still with a 'mummy tummy' and wobbly bits ;o).

I've always been a huge fan of Debenhams 'Gorgeous' range, their lingerie and swimwear is aimed at DD+ and are very flattering.



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