Home improvement – 5 Expert tips and tricks you should know

Home improvement – 5 Expert tips and tricks you should know

It’s a daunting task indeed to get projects done in and around your home. This can get all the more challenging if you aren’t sure about where exactly to start. However, at the same time you can’t afford to forget that home improvement is one such task that can’t be ignored. Moreover, there’s a geneneral misconception that home improvement means unnecessary expenses, which isn’t always the case.

Tips and tricks for effective home improvement

Read on to find out 5 expert tips and tricks that you can use to give your home the much needed boost.

The door bang: If you’ve got a door that shuts with a bang, then you could try and place a couple of beads along the jamb. Now, you should make sure that the beads you place are short ones and most importantly these beads should be made of silicone caulk placed at a few points. This helps in softening the blow actually. Leave the door propped open until the silicone beads are completely dry.

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Goodbye Napoleon Dynamite, Hello Brad Pitt!

If you’re feeling more geek than chic – fear not! With the cosmetic procedures available today, you can transform yourself into an A-list celebrity in no time at all! If you want to keep the geek look then fair enough, but if you aspire to look a bit better then try the following tips.

Laser Treatment

If you suffer from acne or uneven skin tone, rosacea or thread veins, laser treatment can really help. Most people only need a few sessions and they notice a marked improvement in the clarity, tone and texture of their skin almost straight away. For clear, glowing skin, laser treatment is a great option. There are massive amounts of products on the market like creams and gels that claim to have skin treating properties but laser treatment is the only one that offers near permanent effects.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There’s no excuse to have yellow, crooked teeth with the cosmetic dentistry procedures available – most dentists will allow you to pay via a finance plan, so you can spread the cost of your treatment whilst enjoying a gleaming white smile and perfect teeth straight away! Dental implants, bridges and porcelain veneers can all go a long way towards transforming your smile, and this is one of the most positive steps you can take towards changing the way you look and feel today. Many cosmetic dentists like Progressive Dentistry in London ( http://www.progressivedentistry.co.uk/ ) are more than happy to have a consultation and put your worries at ease when it comes to dental procedures. Get that Hollywood smile!

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21st Century Chandeliers add Contemporary Style

What does the word ‘chandelier’ conjure up in your mind? For most of us, it’s an image of a huge, cut-crystal light feature that is found in period homes and manors across the world. But chandeliers have moved on – they don’t need to be old fashioned, and they look as stunning in a modern city pad as they do in a huge country manor. Don’t believe me? Read on to find out how 21st century chandeliers can add a touch of contemporary style to any home.

Geometric styling

Modern chandeliers are works of art as much as they are light fittings. Gone are the Swarovski crystals – what’s hot is hand-blown glass shades and geometric designs. They’re still beautiful, statement pieces, but they are tailored to fit modern homes. When you’re choosing a 21st century chandelier, you need something that sits well in contemporary surroundings – a chandelier which complements your exposed brick walls, dark wood flooring and minimalist white furniture.

So, no crystals?

Nobody’s saying you can’t have a crystal chandelier in a modern home – if that’s the look you want to go for then it can often look stunning! But modern chandeliers are all about different shapes. Ball shaped chandeliers studded with crystals are half disco ball, half light fitting – they spin and catch the light beautifully and are sure to become a topic of conversation. Chrome framed chandeliers with delicate crystal beading are perfect for bedrooms, adding a touch of light and glamour to any space without being overly-imposing.

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Welcome summer this 2013 by looking your fashionable best

Summer happens to be a popular time to flaunt those precious fashion accessories and why not. Even though summer is after all the hottest season of the year, don’t make the common mistake like most do. People think that owing to the heat they can give accessories a miss. However, that’s definitely not the way to go for all it requires for you is to be a bit intelligent when choosing the summer accessories and you could easily be the fashion diva that always ruled.

5 Must have accessories for you this summer

Check out the following stylish yet smart fashion accessories that you just can’t afford to give a miss this summer.

Light and bright scarves: All it requires for you is to add a dash of color and a bit of spunk to your entire appearance is a light weight and brightly colored scarf. All you need to do is ensure that it’s light enough so as not to make things intolerable for you under the oppressive summer heat.

Cool bracelet watches: It’s not just in the name, but also in the appearance if you want to set in the essential bling factor into your appearance this summer. The presence of a bracelet watch on your wrist can work wonders and jazz up your outfit beyond your imagination. They’re absolutely trendy and fantastic in every sense of the word. Moreover, it serves both purposes since it’s like a stylish bracelet plus serves the purpose of a sophisticated watch.

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