Bride's Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

Bride's Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

As a future bride who is planning her dream wedding you have to create your wedding bouquet, decorations for the lapel, arrangements for the hall and the church. Here are a few steps that will help you in choosing flowers for a wedding and hopefully ease the task a little.

Discover your own style

Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal wedding should look like. Will it be formal or casual? Spelled out in detail or simply? Will you use neutral or bright colors? Are you a traditionalist and do you want the basis of your wedding flowers to be roses or lilies, or are you more contemporary and have nothing against fruits, herbs and spices? Flowers for a wedding are not just decorations, it is the basis of the whole event. Discovering the style of your wedding is a step in the right direction of finding the style of your wedding flowers. You want to choose flowers that will match the level of formality of your wedding.

Choose a color palette

Your color scheme could directly result from the style of your wedding. Today as far as the flowers for the wedding are concerned almost everything acceptable, from flowers in traditional white and pastel shades, to the dramatic dark tones and vibrant colors of nature. Flowers in the same hues or contrasting shades are breathtaking. However, take care that your wedding flowers fit the overall style of the wedding (a color palette of available flowers can be seen here) . At the meeting with the florist take samples of fabric that will be used (edge silk, linen napkins and other details) and an invitation. In this way, the florist can easily find flowers that will perfectly complement the ambience.

Seasonal wedding flowers

When you decide on the colors of the flowers for the wedding it is time to tackle the selection of flowers. Our advice is to choose seasonal flowers (it is much more durable and cheaper). In spring apples, cherries, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, iris, lilac, lily of the valley, peonies and tulips are in bloom. In summer you will find: beautiful calla, dahlia, daisy, geranium, iris, roses and sunflowers. Autumn flowers that you can choose from include gerbera, marigold, roses and sunflowers. Winter wedding can be brightened with amaryllis, anemone, camellia and not forgetting holly, jasmine and orchids. 

Hire a florist

Even for talented brides with a sense of aesthetic knowledge and skills florists will still be necessary. Your wedding day will be very busy and you do not want to waste your precious time on decorating the venue, assembling bouquets, making arrangements. At the flower shop you do not need to spend too much money. A good florist like The Flower Man will be able to work with any of the flowers for the wedding that you choose within your budget. 

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The 2013 Ford Focus Hatchback – A Wise Choice

The 2013 Ford Focus Hatchback – A Wise Choice

Ford is a brand name with a very long history in the automotive industry and their years of experience truly show in versatile and cost-effective models like the Ford Focus. The Focus has had a redesign in 2012 and subsequent version have some improved characteristics, in addition to looking a bit more modern and, dare I say it, pretty darn cool. The new Focus is available in seven different versions, and although the Titanium Sedan model supposedly offers great functionality and comfort, I am more of a hatchback fan. Hatchbacks are where Ford excels - they look better, they are more maneuverable and easier to park and they still have plenty of room.

The Focus boasts a modest, yet pretty versatile 2 liter, inline-four engine, although there is also a quite pricey electric model with a 107 kW motor. Out of the three hatchback versions, the SE is the one that will be easiest on your wallet, while the ST and the Titanium will cost about the same (depending on the bells and whistles you wish to add), but are substantially different in nature – the former is all about performance and a sport feel, while the latter is more about comfort and accessories.

The new Titanium standard features include stability control, automatic temperature control, Sony audio, 6-speed Power Shift dual-clutch automatic transmission, push-button start and a rear-view camera, while the ST boasts superior suspension, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, a 6-speed manual transmission and 18 inch aluminum wheels as well as optional Recaro seats. If you have the money and enjoy having a bit of fun, the ST is the way to go as it allows for very smooth driving and will go through corners with ease and balance as the front sport-tuned suspension and excellent breaks allow it to grip the road firmly.

The Focus is famous for its high degree of safety, scoring a perfect five star NCAP rating, and the new models feature dual-stage airbags and side airbags for the front seat, as well as side-curtain airbags. Some additional cool features include a My-Key feature, which allows you to switch between different settings by simply inserting a different key – which is supposed to allow, say a husband and wife to have their own settings available to them when they start the car that they share, without going through all the little adjustments manually. However, trying to do too much customization is something I wouldn’t recommend as it is easy to mess up the cars performance if you don’t know what you are doing, particularly on the ST model which allows you to fumble with driving characteristics like steering.

Even with a basic Ford Focus package, like an SE Hatchback, you get a very reliable, safe car that is fuel-efficient and won’t set you back a fortune, especially if you buy a good used Focus 2013 model. The Focus is noticeably faster and more fun to drive than the competitive offerings like the small Honda and Peugeot hatchbacks, and is a great option for either a small family car or even as a sporty ride for the trendy young adult. 

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Natural Ways For Facial Rejuvenation

Natural Ways For Facial Rejuvenation

Most of the time women attribute sagging lines, wrinkles, etc. to increasing age. However, truth is 90% of the skin damage is due to UV rays and environmental pollution. It's true that the effect of age is there, but the problems are compounded due to other factors. Therefore, best way to rejuvenate your facial skin is by treating it naturally. Few changes in your lifestyle and you can make sure that your face is rejuvenated. 

Natural Ways for Facial RejuvenationDrink Plenty of Water

Drinking water in plenty hydrates your skin and detoxifies your body. This process of detoxification results in unclogging of pores in your skin, which helps you skin to breathe in a better way. All you have to do is drink minimum eight glasses of water every day and see the difference in few months. 

Facial Massage

Getting a facial massage improves the blood circulation in your facial muscles. Improved blood circulation help in stimulating growth of cells and better nourishment of facial skin. Regular facial massage releases tension from the skin and tightens facial muscles. The effects of a good facial massage are almost immediately visible as the radiance of your face is increased.

Avoid Sugar

There are many researches that suggest the people with higher levels of sugar in their blood have older looking skin, when compared to people with lower levels of blood sugar. This due the reaction of sugar with collagen that makes it more brittle. This causes wrinkles on your face.


Acupuncture is highly beneficial in reducing the signs of aging on your face. The special treatment is called cosmetic acupuncture and the technique used is same as normal acupuncture. This therapy helps in increasing the oxygenation of your facial skin, improved production of collagen, tightening of pores, gives natural glow to your skin, and many more benefits. There are many celebrities who take this therapy to remove signs of aging.

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How to recognize a fake perfume

Fake perfumes flood the cosmetic industry each and every day, making it very difficult to differentiate them from genuine products. Their labels, packaging and other details look extremely real and unless you are very keen, you can be easily deceived by these fakes. However, there are a few techniques you can use to separate the fake perfume products from the real ones. This article shares some of these techniques:

The Supply Source

When purchasing perfumes, especially online, you ought to establish whether the supplier of a particular type of scent is an approved and genuine dealer. The genuine sellers will be more than willing to provide you with this information, thus verification will be a simpler process for you. 

Bar codes and Labels

Check out for spelling mistakes, label qualities and the type of printing used on the bottles. These will easily help you identify whether the perfume is genuine or not. Additionally, bar codes consist of exclusive information about a certain product and they cannot be easily simulated. Give them a closer look.

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Extreme Eyelash Extensions

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The beauty industry has come up with ways to accessorize these 'windows' in order to make them more attractive to the viewer. There are plenty of things that women can do to make the appearance of their eyes more attractive. Some of these include the smoky eye effect, tweezing or waxing of the eyebrow, tattooing of the eyebrows, applying mascara on the eyelashes and so on. The choices are endless as long as women are willing to be creative and take risks.

Eyelash tinting is a wonderful way of coloring lighter colored lashes darker. This procedure usually takes slightly under an hour and its effects can last for up to a month and a half if properly done. Unfortunately, though, this procedure does not add thickness to the lashes something that most women will not be happy with. Tinting the eyelashes also does not add to the length.

It is also important to note that tinting the eyelashes need not be restricted to darker colors. Depending on your personality, you can dye your lashes any color you want. The reason as to why most women like this procedure is that it eliminates the need to apply mascara. Many women opt for tinting of the eyelash because they do not like the idea of mascara running down their face.

Tinting of the eyelashes takes a short time to do because it is a non-surgical procedure. Because it makes use of vegetable dye, it is quite safe and painless. It is however important for you to get the advice of a skin specialist if you have sensitive skin in order to avoid allergic reactions.

For women who are not satisfied with color of their eyelashes after tinting, then it is quite possible for them to opt for additional help. This help comes in form of extreme eyelash extensions, which are popular for those who are going for length and thickness. 

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Top 5 things you need to carry in your handbag

Does your handbag have a permanent weight of 20 pounds? It is definite that it contains surplus things that you will never need at all. If you look inside your handbag, you can find things like dried pens, stray earrings, used tubes of emollients, crumpled papers and shopping bills, and many more things that remain dumped in your handbag and add to its weight. So, it is high time that you clean your bag and throw away the unnecessary things. But you must be equally aware of the things that are essential in a handbag. 


You cannot move an inch without money. So, the first thing that needs to be put inside your handbag after cleaning it is your wallet. If your handbag contains additional patch pockets in its internal portion, you can pick up one of them as the safest place for your money filled wallet. Putting the wallet is such as easily searchable yet concealed part of your bag will be helpful as you do not have to search the entire bag every time you need to take out money from your wallet for paying the taxi fare or shopping bills.


Your handbag is the safest place for keeping your cellphone as you can remain assured that it will never get misplaced. So, this is the second most vital thing you should keep in your bag. But in case of your cellphone, an external pocket in your handbag with closure will be ideal. This is because you can take it out instantly as soon you hear it buzzing and keep it away when you are done. When you keep the cellphone in such a position of your handbag, you will never miss any calls even in a noisy place.

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Roll Up Blinds – An Ideal Solution For Window Furnishing

Windows have become a popular target for homeowners seeking to improve the looks as well as value of their home interiors. There are quite a number of additions you can purchase for your windows, ranging from vanity curtain rails and rollers to high end draperies. However, not many of these additions can measure up to a new set of roller window blinds. If you have been searching for the ideal window treatments to improve your home decor, it is high time you gave these blinds a second glance. However, do not purchase them if you are yet to appreciate their countless benefits.

Elegant Materials

One of the most important benefits that accrue when you purchase roll up window shades is that you get to choose from a wide variety of elegant materials. This is a sure way to spruce up the looks of your interiors by choosing a unique material from what all other houses have. Lower end shades are available in thin plastics that are easy to roll. However, for a step up in terms of quality, try out the fabric-coated plastic sets. If you really need your living areas to stand out with the best material, bamboo and heavy duty fabric are amazing options. Always ensure the material and color you choose blends perfectly with your interior decor.

Controlled Lighting

Nobody loves staying in the living room when the sun is shining brightly in the afternoons. Luckily, roll up window shades offer you the freedom to control just how much lighting you need in the living room. At dawn and dusk where the lighting is poor, simply roll the blinds up for better illumination. However, when the light filtering in is a little too much for the eyes, simply lower them to the desired height. Not many window shades can afford you this much freedom.

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The blouse patterns that will be suitable for your body type

Unlike T-shirts, which less or more hide the shape of one's body, a blouse emphasizes the form. It's more formal and more feminine, usually used in semi-formal occasions as well as in the corporate world.

Different patterns and cuts fit various body types. There are some patterns that compliments a given body type and there are others that falter. It is essential that you get the right pattern and cut that would not only highlight your greatest assets but would also conceal your problem areas.

Considering the lines

Lines and stripes in these tops have a significant impact in the way the eyes perceive the entire body. 

The vertical lines in these clothes would elongate 

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Swimsuits: Then and Now

Have you ever taken time to think about the history of swimsuits? Well, most likely, no. You would be surprised to know that they have a huge history that has witnessed radical changes over the years. For instance, in classical antiquity, bathing and swimming was done nude. This is completely unthinkable today. This change points to how much swimsuits and their use has changed.

Some cultures allowed people to swim naked. Over the years, undergarments such as loin cloths became the acceptable dressing for swimming purposes. Men swum nude and those who did not like it that way, stripped to their underwear. It took until the 19th century for a law to be passed that prohibited nude swimming. Cities were free to establish their own laws on the matter. Men's swimming suits became common in the 1870s. The men's swimsuit was a fitting wool garment that had long sleeves similar to long underwear.

Females mostly bathed in spas; often nude. They started abandoning nudity in the 1670s, many years before men. As a matter of fact, laws banning women from nude swimming existed over a century before the one for men was established. Starting at around 1700, ladies wore bathing gowns. They were long dresses made of opaque fabric so that they would not become transparent when wet. Weights were also attached at the hem so that the dress would not rise up in the water.

The 19th century saw the emergence of women's two-piece suits. The two-piece clothing consisted of a gown from the shoulders to the knees as well as a set of trousers that had leggings up to the ankles. The men's swimsuit remained unchanged for a century or so.The 20th century saw modern changes for the swimsuit such as the rise to popularity of the one-piece swimming suit. Annette Kellerman, an Australian swimmer, played a critical path in this. After being arrested in the US for indecent dressing in her swimsuit, she came up with her line of one-piece bathing suits which she marketed. This came to be known as "the Annette Kellerman".

This form-fitting type of swimsuit proved popular despite initial opposition from some quarters. With time, it started shrinking. Arms were exposed as well as legs up to mid-thigh. The neck was also exposed and nothing was covered up to the bosom. With the advancement of technology and new fabrics, an astounding variety of more comfortable swimwear emerged.

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