Summer Looks For Every Occassion

The summer months are always full of exciting events. I am sure there are many of you with plenty of dates in your diary or you are planning on attending some fun events with friends. Whether you are off to the races, perhaps a wedding, a holiday or even a garden party or two, you are sure to have some fun months ahead of you.

But with so many different summer occasions going on, what to do wear for all these events? Have you planned out your wardrobe? Or are you thinking of just purchasing your outfits throughout the season? If you have a number of different things going on during the coming months, then it is best to plan ahead and start organising your wardrobe as soon as possible. You don’t want to be left without a stitch to wear do you?

If you are searching for some formal outfits for summer, then we have created a few outfit ideas for you to try. Below are some looks we have put together for you to take inspiration from. Browse our ideas and see if you can find something suitable for your summer events.

At The Races

Make sure you are looking smart and stylish for your day at the races with this look. No ladies day outfit is complete without a fancy hat and a stunning dress. This look ticks all the boxes for a day at the races.

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Sub Cultures – Influencing The World of Fashion

There are so many different subcultures these days that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with them all. Indies, Goths, Emos, Hipsters, Punks and more make up our modern world. A lot of designer labels take inspiration from these sub cultures and use their clothing choices to influence their latest collections. This then descends to the catwalks and then on to the high street, where people will then pick up these pieces and add them to their wardrobes. You may not realise it, but there is sure to be something in your closet that has been influenced by a popular sub culture.

A lot of famous designers have made their name by creating collections inspired by these sub cultures. Vivienne Westwood is one example, she first started out by producing collections inspired by bikers and later went on to create pieces centred around punk rock trends. This propelled her to fashion fame and she is now one of the most well know clothing designers in the world.


A photo from an early Vivienne Westwood collection. Image source –

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Brand in Focus – Prey Of London

The new season is finally here and a chance to change our wardrobe for the warmer weather. Spring is a great time to start a new look, plus there are plenty of designers out there offer great collections from which you could choose from. Whatever your taste in fashion may be, there is sure to be a brand out there that is ideal for you.

Prey of London is a label that creates a unique collection of clothing for women. The designer is one that produces laid back grunge-esque pieces, ideal for those who don’t want to jump into too much colour this spring. Their latest collection sees a superb range of womenswear that you will love adding to your wardrobe. Here we have picked a few of our fave pieces and styled them up with some other items for outfit inspiration for the new season. 

This Prey of London stripe maxi dress is the ideal spring piece for grunge lovers. Cover up with this Miss Selfridge leather jacket, some New Look ankle boots and a long necklace from House of Fraser for a truly laid back look.

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Celebrity Dogs

Many of us are interested in celebrities and their everyday lives. What they wear, what they eat and what they do are all topics of conversation that you will find in magazines and on gossip blogs. One area of a celebrity’s life that many people are fascinated by are ‘A’ listers and their pets. Famous faces are often seen walking their dogs or taking their pets out, held in their designer handbags of course, or sometimes even taking them along to celebrity events. A small number of pets are probably just as famous as their owners after being seen out and about often with their A list owners.

So who are these celebrity pets? Well if you are yet to discuss these pampered animals, then here are just a few of the most talked about pets around. 

Barack Obama and Bo


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Latest In Kids Fashion

The fashion world is one that never stops. Each and every season there are new trends to follow and fresh looks to adorn. Designer labels and high end brands are constantly offering new styles and collections to make sure that us shoppers can keep up with the latest trends. The fashion industry contains within it a plethora of designer labels and brand names, all creating different looks and unique pieces which are then featured and showcased on catwalks around the globe.

Recently, kids fashion acquired some of the limelight with their very own fashion week. The event was to help bring more attention towards kids clothing designers and those that produce the latest looks in childrenswear. Last month saw the very first kids fashion week take place, which offered a number of catwalk shows and other fashion related activities specifically for the little ones to enjoy. Many celebrities and famous faces turned up, along with their style conscious children to see the latest looks in kid’s fashion.

So what is in when it comes to looking for new clothes for the little one’s wardrobe? Well if you are searching for some inspiration, take a look at some of the latest styles on offer. 


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Add Some Sparkle to Ladies Day

With the Grand National having taken place over the weekend, many will be celebrating or crying as they count their winnings or their losings after the biggest horse race in the sporting calendar. Over the weekend, this world famous horse race attracted thousands of horse lovers and those who have a fondness for the equestrian sport. The Grand National is the most anticipated horsing competition of the year and is one that many hope to race to victory and pick up the winning title.

Last Friday also saw ladies day take place. Ladies day is a long running tradition that occurs at most horse racing events including major dates such as Ascot, Cheltenham and of course the Grand National. It is a chance for women to come along, dress up in their finery and enjoy a day of betting, champagne and plenty of fancy fashion.

In the coming months there are plenty of horse races and ladies days due to take place. If you are attending one over the next few weeks and are not sure what to wear, then why not take a look at our style inspiration for adding some sparkle and glam to your ladies day look. 


Look 1

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Blue Is In For Spring

The new season is upon us, so time to start thinking about adding some new styles to your wardrobe. The warmer weather is finally starting to arrive and now we can say good bye to the cold and dreary winter and hello to long days of much needed sunshine. The spring season is the perfect time to give your look a bit of a change. The nicer climate allows us to strip off a few layers and experiment with a little more colour. T shirts, thin blazers, plims and even a pair of shorts or two is the usually attire for the warmer temperatures. So if you are thinking of adding a few extra pieces to your wardrobe for spring, why not check up on the latest styles to see what’s hot for the new season?

There are plenty of new looks and trends to try out and one that seems to be sweeping the board is the colour blue. It’s everywhere this season. Navy, duck egg, ocean, midnight, name any shade of blue you want and I am sure you will find it in at least one of the latest collections from the top designer brands.

If you are thinking of incorporating some spring time style into your look, why not check out some of these blue pieces to incorporate into your outfits this season. 

Just a simple blue t shirt would brighten even the dullest of wardrobes. This piece from Armani Jeans is ideal for wearing with cargo shorts on your up and coming summer holiday abroad.

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Get Ready For Summer With The Latest Collections From Gabor

With the sun finally showing its face and the winter weather finally leaving us, we can now enjoy updating our wardrobes for the warmer weather. The woolly jumpers can now be thrown to the back of the cupboard and the skirts and dresses can now be brought forward and worn once again. The summer is a time to adorn lighter and brighter colours, gone are the blacks and greys and out come the beiges, browns and whites. There are always plenty of styles on offer at this time of year, so if you are in need of a wardrobe update, now is the time to start shopping.

Gabor has recently released their latest collections and many fashion fans will be very pleased with what is on offer for the spring / summer seasons. The designer label always offers a vast selection of stylish and on trend pieces and this summer is certainly no different. If you are thinking of adding some new shoes and accessories to your clothing collection this season, why not browse their latest collections. We have picked our favourites for you to check out. 


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Latest 2013 Bike Models – What’s Available?

The latest 2013 bike models are available to purchase and there are plenty of different options to choose from. Cycling enthusiasts everywhere will be pleased to see the new designs on offer and what exactly is new in the world of bicycles. Many new models will incorporate new features that riders can use to improve their sport.


If you are thinking of treating yourself to a brand new 2013 model, then check out some of the latest rides available.


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Cold Spring? How To Stay Stylish Through This Long Winter

It seems the weather isn’t going in our favour these days, with all the snow and wintery weather still looming. It’s meant to be spring with sun and blue skies! Instead we are waking up to a fresh blanket of snow every morning. This just isn’t on. What about all those spring pieces we have all gone out and bought in preparation for the nicer weather? How are we meant to wear them when it’s minus temperatures outside? A spring dress does not match well with three inches of snow, I think we all agree on that.


So how do you save those spring pieces from being forgotten about? Well its time to dig out a few of those winter woollies you thought you had put away for another year. Take a look at some of our ideas for cold spring style.



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Spring Style – Kids Fashion

When it comes to the warmer weather, many of us will be updating our wardrobes with new spring styles. Less layers and more colour means we can have a little more fun with our fashion, particularly the youngsters. Children’s clothing styles at this time of the year are more than likely going to be cute, adorable, colourful, fun and on trend.


The latest collection of kids clothing sees many brand names creating stylish spring pieces. Whether you have a little girl who loves to wear skirts and dresses, or perhaps you have a little boy who enjoys colourful t shirts and baggy jeans? Whatever your kid’s look may be, there is sure to be something suitable for them in the recent spring clothing collections.


If you need some style inspiration for your little one, take a look at our outfit ideas for kids here.

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Best Fun Gadgets For the Man Who Has Everything

If you find yourself shopping for a gift for a man that pretty much already has everything, then perhaps you are after some help. Trying to look for a perfect present is not always easy when you are searching for an item for someone you love. But when that person already has everything they already need in their life, then it becomes hard to find them something they will find useful.


So how do you go about locating a gift in such a difficult situation? Well the best type of present for someone who already has everything they could ever want, is a funny present. Something novelty, something that adds some laughter to their hectic routine, or something that keeps them entertained for a few minutes of the day. This is the perfect type of present to give someone who has everything.


So what are the best funny gadgets to offer as gifts? Well here are our favourites when it comes to choosing a novelty gadget for the one you love.

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Red Nose Day – 15th March 2013

With Red Nose Day just around the corner, many of you will be thinking of ways to raise money for the charity. On the 15th March, people will be taking part in bake sales, pyjama days and other fund raising activities to help raise money for Comic Relief. One thing that many schools and work places do is allow students and employees to wear something red in support of the cause.


If your work place is thinking about taking part in Red Nose Day, then why not opt for a wear red day. There are plenty of ways in which you could wear red, whether it’s your shoes, clothing, accessories or all three at once.


If you are stuck trying to find something red in your wardrobe, then why not treat yourself to something new. There are plenty of red items you could choose from to add to your look on March 15th to help raise money for Red Nose Day. Take a look at some of our ideas below.

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International Womens Day – 8th March 2013

The 8th of March 2013 is International Womens Day. A day where women are recognised for what they have achieved and how far they have come over the years. Since the 1900’s International Womens Day has been observed during a century that saw many changes for women and the rest of the world. It is a cause that makes sure women everywhere are treated equally and are offered safe and rewarding futures. Today many events are held to celebrate the day. Across the globe many countries take part in political, business, networking, fashion and theatrical rallies to support International Womens Day.


Of course we can’t all take part in rallies for politics and business, but we can celebrate International Womens Day with the women in our own lives. If you have a mother or sister, then why not celebrate them this International Womens Day. Women love receiving jewellery as gifts, so why not treat them to something special on the 8th March 2013.


Here are a few pieces that will surely make her smile on International Womens Day.

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The Benefits Of Wearing The Right Size Bra

When it comes to buying a bra, you need to make sure you are purchasing the right size for you. A wrong fitting bra could be uncomfortable and may also cause you problems. When looking for a new bra, it is important to consider the style and design but also the sizing and shape of the item. Any lingerie expert will tell you that getting a bra fitting is vital to your posture, body shape and possibly your health.


A lot of women out there are wearing the wrong bra size, could you be one of those women? Here are just some of the benefits to wearing a well fitted bra.

Posture – A quality bra that fits well will help you with your posture. Slouching and not sitting up straight can be caused by a bad bra.Body Shape – Wearing the right size will help to create a much better shape for your body. A good quality bra will give your chest a lift and help to create a much better body shape.Tightness – If you are wearing a bra that is too small, then this could be digging into your chest and shoulders and causing you pain. If you feel your bra is too tight, then you will need to go up a size.Too loose – A bra that is too big will not give the right support to your chest. If you find your straps are falling down often or that your band is not fitting well, a smaller bra size may be needed.

There are also many different styles of bras available. Full cup, balconette, minimiser, multiway, plunge, strapless, seam free, under wired and non wired. Each one offers a different style and shape. Choosing one that fits your silhouette well will help with finding one that is the most comfortable for you to wear.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new bra, choose a good lingerie boutique who will be able to measure and fit you for the right size, shape and style of bra. A well fitting, good quality bra could make all the difference to your comfort and posture.

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Perfect Bakery Gifts For Your Valentine

If you are a little late on the Valentines front and still haven’t bought a present for your loved one, then now is the time to start looking for a last minute gift idea. No one likes to be left without a gift on Valentines Day, so don’t let your partner be present-less this February 14th.


There are plenty of different things you could purchase for your loved one. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of jewellery or something heart shaped or novelty. The best presents are always the ones that show how much you care. Think about your partner’s hobbies or interests and offer them something they will find useful.


If your loved one enjoys baking or cookery, then here a few gifts that they may enjoy receiving this February 14th.

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Looking Dapper on Valentines Day

When it comes to dressing up for a Valentines Date, you always want to look your best. Whether you have been together with your partner for years, or perhaps you are heading out on a blind date, you are sure to be planning your look around about now. But what do you wear for a special date night with your Valentine? Well if you haven’t already then it is time you got into your wardrobe and started looking for something to wear. Dig out those shirts and ties and create a smart and sophisticated appearance for your Valentine this February 14th.


But if you don’t come across anything good enough to adorn on your date, then here you will find some style inspiration, take a look at some of our outfit ideas. 

Late Night Dinner


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Latest Collection of Joules Clothing

This spring / summer season is nearly upon us and many designer labels are offering their latest collections for the coming months. With the warmer weather comes lighter and brighter pieces for us all to add to our wardrobes, particular children’s clothing collections. These are usually full of colour and vibrancy during the summer season.

One designer label that does just that is Joules kids clothing. This high end label is one of the most popular names within the children’s fashion industry. Their latest collections feature some great pieces which would look perfect on your little ones this spring / summer season. If you are searching for some new additions to add to your kid’s wardrobe, browse their current range here for some inspiration. 

This Joules girls dress is perfect for the warmer weather. Wear with a cute denim jacket and some sandals and your little girl will look adorable for the spring and the summer.


If your little one is an animal lover, then she will love wearing this polo shirt from the Joules brand. The top features a cute horse and a floral design that will work with any youngster’s wardrobe.

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Keep Your Boots On For The Colder Conditions

It seems that winter shows no sign of stopping any time soon. The season is one that has dragged for quite some time now and the warmer weather looks like it could take a lot longer to reach us too. So with this, many of you will still be wearing your winter woollies and your warming essentials. But if you are thinking of updating your wardrobe a little but don’t want to add anything to summery just yet and don’t want to include any more winter clothing, what do you do? 

Well there are many items you could still buy that will take you through to the spring season. Boots are a great item that you could choose that will still be wearable in the slightly warmer weather. Here are a few styles that you can add to your wardrobe for an instant style update. 

These mens boots from Rieker are ideal for the winter and spring seasons. Wear with jeans and a jumper for a look that will take you right through the transition in style.


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Chinese New Year – Snakeskin Style

With Chinese New Year taking place this month, many will be celebrating in their own way. The event is one of the most important in the Chinese calendar and rejoices the beginning of the Spring festival. Countries with large numbers of Chinese populations often hold events to help commemorate the occasion. Each year relates to a different star sign. These are found in the form of  twelve different animals. This year it is the year of the Snake, who are described as good thinkers and love the finer things in life. They are also good at saving money and are patient, charming and wise.


Snakes are not only a Chinese Zodiac sign. Snake skin styled clothing is also very popular in the fashion industry. Many designer labels and high end brands create clothes, accessories and shoes using materials that are made to look like snake skin.


If you are thinking of updating your wardrobe this season and want to incorporate a little snake skin style into your outfit, then check out some of our ideas below.

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