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Funny Fat Animals Video Compilation

Funny Fat Animals Video Compilation

I have a particular love of fat animal videos - I should say they are CG films. The reason I put this compilation together is because I struggled to find the videos that I wanted to see again as I couldn't stop watching them !

Rollin Safari Compilation

My personal favourite is the cheetah in the tree. These guys inspired this post.

I don't find real fat animals funny as the real thing is not at all cool - don't overfeed your animals readers they suffer like we do.

Rollin Safari Vultures

A mother vulture comes home to her chicks.

The Meerkat one..

Meerkats seem to use a common front door then ?


Away from the Rollin Wild crew this animation was done by some kids and won awards quite rightly. Well worth persevering with.

Location (Map)

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Monday, 18 June 2018

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