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Rihanna and Chris Brown...are they dating?

In a time not so long ago, two hearts joined. Okay, so this is modern day and not the renaissance. To put it another way...some years ago two bright eyed talented teenagers started dating. She, a sweet Bajan (from the country Barbados) and America's R&B heartthrob. Rihanna and Chris Browns relationship caught everyone’s eye. They were the hit couple of hip hop and R&B and everyone loved it. Until that faithful night when sweet turned to anything but. So we all know the story, Rihanna was beat up by her then boyfriend Chris Brown. Beat up, is putting it mildly based on the pictures leaked on the internet of an unrecognisable Rihanna.

Chris Brown & Rihanna

So years have now past and we are forced to revisit the issue. Why, because the two seem to be dating again.

Rihanna in 2012 had a tell all interview with Oprah where they discussed everything that happened between her and her then ex Brown. Rihanna lamented how she lost her best friend. After the interview is when things started "showing up". Rihanna and Chris's then girlfriend were enthralled in a twitter war of words. Then Chris Brown got in a fight with Rihanna's alleged boyfriend Drake. And today, the two are showing up together everywhere. Well to be honest it’s almost as if they are teasing the public. They show up moments apart from each other at the same location and enter the same vehicle to moments apart when leaving. Rihanna posts pics of herself in a bed, the posts other pics of a male in the same bed with his face hidden. It doesn't seem like they are hiding per say, but what's also apparent is that they don't care who knows or is against it. Are they together? No one knows for sure.

Seems as if Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown and their love for each other never went away. For the public, forgiveness may be a very long way away, if ever.

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Friday, 12 August 2022

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