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How To Create Your Own Wedding Album

Creating your own wedding album can be a very fun and personally rewarding experience. It will allow you to give your album the personal touch that only you can give it. An added bonus is that creating your own wedding album is much cheaper than having a professional create on for you. Here is how you can create your own wedding album.

Wedding Album Instructions

The first step in creating your own wedding album is to determine whether or not you want to have a professional shoot the photos, have your friends shoot them or a combination of both.

Once you have made that decision, you need to move on to gathering together the other materials you will want to include in their albums, such as the lists for your gift registry, the paperwork from the purchase of your wedding dress and the flowers for your bridal party, and any other document that has sentimental value.

Make sure that you save two separate copies of your wedding invitations. This way you get to put one of them on the cover of the wedding album and the other inside the album.

Set aside one copy of the program given out at your wedding as well as a copy of your wedding announcement that you placed in your local paper. You also may want to include a copy of your wedding song lyrics in the album as well.

The next step is to gather pictures from friends and family that attended your wedding. This will let you see some candid moments you may not have seen otherwise. It will make your wedding album well rounded.

You will then want to obtain the proofs of your photos from your wedding photographer. This will allow you to determine which pictures you want blown up. Select a handful of the most special photos that you want to have blown up so you can include them in your wedding album.

When the time comes to purchase the actual album you will be using, make sure you get one large enough to hold all your pictures or documents. Using high quality items in your wedding photo album will make it last longer. Make sure the items you use are all acid free in order to preserve the wedding album for as long as possible.

At this point in the process it is time to arrange the photos and other documents that you will be using in your wedding album. Decorating the page margins can be a great way to personalize your wedding album and can include stickers, drawings or anything else that will enhance the beauty of each page.

The last step is to create an amazing cover for your wedding album that reflects your tastes and preferences. When you have your wedding dress altered be sure to keep the excess material because you can use it to make the cover of your album even more personal. Many people also glue lace onto the wedding album’s cover.

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