Funny things people search for on Google

It is one of the perks of being a webmaster (that is you look after aspects of a website) - ok what perk...seeing what people typed into search engines and they arrived at your website. So here is the start of a list that we will tweet to keep you updated so just make sure you follow @stylereview to get them as and when they come out. The bit in the brackets is our editorial comment.

" construction worker goggles 'for bigger noses' " 

"good reasons why you should wear a hoodie" (I can't think of any for myself)

"romantic message for the ex couples deepika and ranbir"

"we're the millers kissing scene hd" (not funny in the phrase but that scene is indeed worth a search)

"what celebs use nano hair exstentions"

"women in bra & panties" (now we dont rank high for this so just how many pages did you click 'next' on in google you purve!)

"which sunglasses chris gayle wears" (The Jamaican cricketer wears some great shades)



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Friday, 18 August 2017

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