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5 Female Watch Brands That Can Be Sent Away For Watch Repair


Accessories have the ability to express your personality in a way that clothes simply can't duplicate and most us use jewellery as our only means of accessorising. But what about the wrist watch? With technology as it is today and each of us spending over 2 hours a day looking into the screen of our devices we've stepped away from these traditional time pieces.

However, watches have the ability to hold dear memories; Whenever I think about holding my own mum's hand as a child I see the image of her skagen watch with a warm nostalgia, as a rite of passage many of us will hopefully decide to step away from our smart phones and invest in a sophisticated timepiece that we will carry with us for years.

Of course, luxury watches come with a price tag to match, so why not start with a gateway watch that will keep your wrist fashionably accessorised until you're ready to graduate to the luxury market? But with so much choice, how do you know what watch is right for you? We've picked our top 5 fashion brands creating beautifully crafted timepieces to make the decision easier for you.

1. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has been a fashion giant for years and originated in Germany 1924 by the founder of the same name. The brand represents understated luxury focusing on sophisticated details. Their collections have been supplemented throughout the years with fragrances, jewellery and watches. Their watches are created by Movado, a world famous American watchmaker.

The latest pieces showcased by Hugo Boss are elegantly designed with a distinct and modern look. Our favourite of the season is the gold effect BOSS Black 1502371 chronograph, this watch comprises a quartz movement and what's more, it can withstand water up to 30 meters – perfect for those poolside panics!

2. Mondaine

Mondaine are a Swiss watch brand who rose to prominence thanks to their "Swiss railways clock" design. There was a bitter legal battle between Mondaine and Apple because Apple's iPad clock design too closely resembled their trademarked design. The companies eventually settled out of court.

Today, Mondaine still create their Swiss Railway style watches, which are perfect for those whose style is more sporty and likes an understated piece. Just like the Swiss railways clocks, the brands latest Stop2Go watch runs a little fast for 58 seconds, and then stops for 2 seconds at the full minute.

3. Seiko

This ancient brand is the oldest on our list and was founded as a jewellery and watch shop in Japan, though did not start crafting watches until 1924. For those who are looking for a mid-range watch before stepping into the luxury market, Seiko's timepieces enjoy a lower price point but still have high quality quartz and mechanical movements. Seiko's range includes both dress watches and performance led pieces depending on the occasion.

Our favourite piece from their current collection is from their dress selection. The SRZ386P1's bezel is encrusted with Swarovski crystals, as are the hour markers. The gold bracelet is complimented by the splash of blue in the cabochon crown winder and blue hands. This is a true summer statement piece that would look perfect glinting in the sunset.

4. Festina

Any watch worth its weight is Swiss in origin, and though the headquarters of this 20th century brand has now moved to Barcelona, with Japanese mechanisms Festina still have all the precision and elegance of their Swiss origins.Festina rose to fame after sponsoring the French Tour De France during the infamous doping scandal of 1998 and have been campaigning against doping in sport ever since.

Festina's "Dream" collection contains designs ideal for those looking for something that carries a little more drama. The glamorous timepiece has a large bezel which is set with crystals in a mesh design.The mechanism is analog quartz. The watch comes in a range of colours including white and rose gold; however we're drawn to this rustic version.

5. Movado

Since we've paid homage to the Hugo Boss designs whose mechanisms are built my Movado, it would be a crime not to mention them in their own right.Movado, founded in 1881 are best known for their simplistic dial design that has a dot the 12th hour symbolising high noon.Their motto of "Swiss heritage. Modern Design" is echoed in their precision and modest aesthetic.

Movado's latest designs continue this design legacy. Our favourite timepiece offered by them in their SS 2016 collection is the Museum Classic, which a simple black face with gold detailing and a luxurious calfskin strap. This watch is timeless and can be worn to compliment almost any outfit with ease.

How do I Maintain my Watch?

Of course, most of the thrill is in shopping for your new watch, but don't forget about the joy you will experience over the years as your timepiece becomes as part of your armour as your favourite jewellery heirloom. Of course, in order to enjoy your watch for as long as possible you should have it serviced every 3-5 years by a trusted watch repair and servicing company.The beauty of these five watch brands is that they each offer something completely unique, although all intrinsically built to tell the time, their designs have transformed them into pieces that can act as extensions of your personality....

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