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Cool T Shirts of 2013

One of the most useful methods of self-expression is through the way that you dress. Expressing yourself through your personal style has been a practice all throughout the history of mankind. Dressing for expression not only places your mood on the outside of your body, it also lets others pick up on what type of aura you are trying to put off. One of the easiest ways to express yourself through casual dress is through t shirts.

T shirts can be worn with nearly any style. You can wear a t shirt with jeans, leggings, or even a skirt or nice trousers. T shirts can be worn by the entire family, which is why parents especially like the ease of being able to purchase and easily slip their child and themselves into a t shirt. T shirts are also very inexpensive as far as clothing goes. Many times, you can find a shirt for a small amount of money. One of the best points about shirts is that they can feature nearly anything, which make them a great style accessory for everyone on earth.

Cartoon Shirts

Cool t shirts can be purchased and worn by everyone in the entire family. Everyone can choose a t shirt that works for their style and feature a character that they like. One idea for cool t shirts, are the t shirts that feature a character from cartoons. Cartoons are an age old tradition that likely started with the parents and was passed on to the children. Adults and children alike all have favorite cartoon characters that they find relatable in some way and express a part of their personality. For this reason, cartoon character t shirts are on the list of the top t shirts for 2013.

Saying Shirts

T shirts can often express words that many would be afraid to say for offending individuals. T shirts are often taken in a light hearted manner, therefore they are favorable by those who prefer to express themselves in a joking or light hearted manner. T shirts with a sarcastic saying are preferential for adults and teens. These shirts are often understood to be a joke, but are more than likely something that would be said or thought by the person wearing the shirt. Cool t shirts with sarcastic or naughty sayings are great purchases for those who are a little more daring.

Internet Meme Shirts

Meme shirt have just hit the scene in many areas, and have quickly become popular. Meme t shirts are some of the most recognizable as they used popular internet meme, or mentions that have gone viral and have been passed around through cyberspace. With nearly everyone plugged into the internet nowadays, most people will recognize a meme from a shirt, making these t shirts a definite part of the cool shirt list.

T shirts are some of the most popular fashions available. It is easy and comfortable to throw on a t shirt then go out. Some cool t shirts of 2013 have made throwing on a t shirt just a little bit more fun, making morning time dressing a less trudging thing and more looked forward to event.

Jenny Stall is a fashion writer who loves discussing cool t shirts in her writings. 

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