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6 Grooming Tips Every Guy Should Know


No longer treated as a feminine habit that threatens your masculinity, proper skincare, as well as hair care, is now truly an art form. In fact, men are even shamed nowadays if they don't have a set morning routine or don't take adequate care of their appearance. If you are one of those men who want to invest in themselves and achieve a polished, well-groomed look, the secret to an effortlessly refined appearance is quite simple – a quick, easy, and most importantly, effective grooming routine. Here's how you can build one that works wonders for you:

Visit your barber regularly

Instead of only going to the barber's when you notice you need a trim, try to maintain a regular haircut routine. Depending on how fast your locks tend to grow, it's recommended to get a haircut every 3-4 weeks, to help maintain the shape and style of your cut. Not only will such a routine help you avoid those bad, messy and unmanageable hair days, but it will also ensure you hairstyle always looks neat, sleek and sharp.

Take proper care of your hairstyle

Apart from cutting your hair regularly, it's also important to maintain it at home, in order to keep it looking polished and refined. Firstly, don't make the same mistake as most men, and wash your hair every day when you take a shower. Instead, keep your shampooing to every 2-3 days, to avoid dryness, itchiness and dandruff. Secondly, try to find the most appropriate hair care products that will help you maintain your hairstyle every day. For example, if you have finer hair, opt for more lightweight products, such as creams, and choose waxes or pomades for thicker hair that's harder to manage.

Maintain the shape of your beard

If you're a fan of facial hair, regular maintenance is essential for achieving a stylish, well-groomed look every day. It would be a good idea to invest in a quality beard trimmer that will help you easily clean up the shape of your beard once a week, and don't forget to choose a good conditioner, as well as a beard oil, to keep the frizz and fuzz at bay. You might also want to try out some great men's accessories, such as styling combs and powders, which will make regular maintenance and styling a breeze.

Learn how to shave correctly

If you like to sport the clean-shaven look, however, then it's high time to learn how to shave like a pro. The first and most important thing you should always do is wet your face before starting, and apply a shaving gel or cream to help the razor glide more easily, and avoid any irritation on your skin. Remembering to change your razor heads regularly (after every 5-7 uses), always shave in the same direction as your hair growth, to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hair. Then, finish the process off with a nice, soothing cream or gel.

Remember to trim your nails

Trimming the nails once a week, preferably with nail scissors, and after a shower when they're softer and easier to cut, is an absolute must for any man who takes grooming seriously. However, it would also be wise to moisturize your cuticles, as well as your hands, afterwards. While we're on the topic of trimming, don't forget to trim your eyebrows, nose and ear hair once a week as well, for that perfectly clean and polished look.

Construct a skincare routine

Although men rarely pay much attention to the health and the look of their skin, proper skincare is a crucial grooming step that should never be avoided, especially if you have particularly sensitive skin. There's no need for an elaborate or expensive routine; simply spending a couple of minutes every day cleansing and moisturizing your skin with the right products for your skin type will go a long way towards maintaining a flawless complexion. It would also be a good idea to apply a sunscreen regularly, to avoid sun spots and premature signs of aging.

Regular and proper grooming is an unavoidable part of your personal style, so don't rush through it. Invest in yourself and your overall look by following these simple steps, and improve the quality of your life.

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