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5 Luxury Travel Tips for Your European Vacation


Known for amazing architecture, heritage sites, and a wide array of cultures to explore, Europe makes for an ideal holiday destination. Even though the trip itself is bound to be a memorable one, there are ways to make your European vacation feel extra special and luxurious. Here are our top five suggestions.

Book a chauffeur and befriend your hotel concierge

Probably the easiest way to travel in style is to simply let someone else drive. No more dealing with airport security or heavy luggage – by hiring a private driver, you can be chauffeured around, enjoying amazing sites that would otherwise be hard to reach if you were to travel by air or by train which makes the trip far more pleasurable.

Upon arriving at your luxury hotel, be sure to make friends with your hotel concierge. Oftentimes, they'll be able to accommodate any requirements you may have and maybe even pull a couple of strings thanks to their immense network of connections. Whether you need some last-minute concert tickets that are sold out or want to dine at a restaurant that's already fully booked, your hotel concierge could be your best friend and make it happen – just make sure to tip them well as a 'thank you' for their effort.

Splurge on a five-star hotel and a first-class travel

Luxury, five-star hotels are all about making your travel experience worthwhile, and they will often do everything in their power to connect with their guests on a more personal level and show them just how much they're appreciated. They make you feel more than just a room number, offering the kind of treatment and special attention to detail and services that you simply wouldn't be able to find in a three-star hotel, which is why they're worth the splurge most of the time.If your holiday destination requires booking a flight, then make sure to fly business or first-class. Why wait to get to your luxury hotel to feel like royalty when you can cross seas and oceans in the upper class? Everything from fine wines and tasty meals to personal mini-bars and luxury toiletries will be at your disposal – a surefire way to enjoy some supreme pampering and really spoil yourself.

Personalize your luxury travel experienc

The most extraordinary, indulging luxury vacations are the ones that involve meaningful and personalized experiences. A five-star hotel is great, but a private villa lets you indulge in your luxury vacation even more, offering everything from bespoke services to exclusivity that comes with glamorous, peaceful seclusion from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Similarly, exploring the city on your own can be great, but if you're enthusiastic about learning more about the history of the city and its culture, hiring a reputable private tour guide can make the tour feel far more personal as well as educational.Sailing enthusiasts can also personalize their vacation by selecting their dream yacht from the extensive range of private and crewed yacht charters and having it tailored for the most decadent luxury travel experience. Just make sure to pick your boat carefully and select a destination such as Greece or Croatia that boasts a modern marina that can host your yacht before setting sail.

Head to at least one Michelin star restaurant

Speaking of making your travel experience a decadent one, visiting one of the wide range of Michelin star restaurants is a must when visiting Europe. While you should definitely make sure to try some of the delicacies enjoyed by the locals, treating yourself to an all-round, luxurious dining experience is imperative if you really want to delight your taste buds.

Treat yourself to some of the most avant-garde culinary masterpieces or enjoy equally delightful authentic, rustic dishes that make use of simple ingredients – the choice is up to you.

Treat yourself to a terrific hotel bar experience

If you're someone who'd rather enjoy the taste of decadent beverages, then heading to a classy hotel bar is a must. After a long day of exploring the city and soaking up the surroundings, treating yourself to a glass of exquisite wine or a well-crafted cocktail is the perfect way to top things off. With a quick Google search, you can discover some of the marvelous, most luxurious hotel bars to visit on your vacation, but you can also ask your hotel concierge for recommendations on experiences you shouldn't miss out on when staying in Europe.

Wrapping up

When making a trip to a continent that has so much to offer, it pays to know how to make the most of your vacation. These luxury tips are going to help you plan a perfect European vacation and ensure a top-notch travel experience you'll remember long after you leave.

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