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4 Summer Holiday Suitcase Essentials For Us Curvy Women

We go on holiday to relax, sit in the sun and generally have a good time. It isn’t a time to be preoccupied with what you look like and whether or not you’re going to “ruin” a photograph by being in it. If you’re anything like me, this might play on your mind, but it’s all about packing a holiday wardrobe that gives you the confidence to relish your time spent on holiday. You never know, you might come home and want to share your photographs with all of your friends and family! So here are four summer holiday suitcase essentials for us curvy women that should make packing a breeze, and your holiday much more enjoyable.


Maxi dresses

My first recommendation would be a couple of plus size maxi dresses – one in a solid shade or colour, and the other in your favourite pattern. The great thing about maxi dresses that you can wear them morning through to night, so look just as great if you’re on a boat trip or sitting down to a posh dinner. The patterned dress can be coordinated with specific accessories whereas you’ll know that the plain colour will be flexible enough to work with many looks over your holiday.

Benefit: plenty of flattering coverage but light enough for hot conditions

Flattering swimwear

It’s likely that you’ll want to go swimming at some point on holiday, either in the sea or in the swimming pool. It can be a big step braving your body on the beach, but people really won’t be worried about what you’re getting up to as they will be off in their own little holiday world. The key is to embrace your body and dress to flatter it. These days you can buy many fits of swimwear so you can choose tankinis which give you some coverage on your torso, as well as swimming costumes with built in support and matching wraps to cover the top of your legs.

Benefit: beautiful support and comfort on the beach and in the pool


If you prefer to wear shorts or skirts instead of dresses, you might like to look at tunics as an option for your top half. There are so many beautiful tunics waiting to be found so you can certainly find something to suit your skin tone, hair colour and the rest of your holiday wardrobe. If you want to be a holiday goddess, look at pairing coral colours with gold accessories for a bold effect. Remember that tunics come in a range of sleeve lengths so you can choose something you’re comfortable with.

Benefit: loose fitting and light tops that look great with big accessories

Peplum tops

Peplum tops

You don’t have to hide under a tunic though, your curves should be something you’re proud of. A peplum top can be ideal if you want to show off flattering lines whilst you’re on holiday. These tops are tight at the top and then fan out at your waist which can give you a beautiful defined waistline. Again, peplum tops are available in many colours and prints, so find a couple that show off the real you.

Benefit: sexy and curvy all wrapped up into one package – great for evenings out

About the author : Kim Neuwald is a plus-size model based in the UK. She is a massive fan of the range of beautiful plus size dresses now available and loves trying on new styles.

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