Okuma Trio Rex Surf TSXU 60 Preview
A look at the okuma trio rex surf TSXU 60. We will be doing a longer term review so please check here for links to that. Please subscribe as we no...

Dancehall is going to get bigger and soon. It's a prediction I have based on some observations not least that hip hop needs a new direction. Really pleased that MUZU's first track tis week was a dancehall track in a big summertime compilation.. ...

Punctual - What I Love (Official Video)
Punctual - What I Love - Official Video Listen to 'What I Love' here: http://smarturl.it/WILret Follow Punctual: Facebook:...

I love the Branchez and Charlie Klarsfeld remix better but the video to this track is just perfect. Seriously where do these dance music video...

editor created new blog entry 8 Best Pool Filters Review in General Design Style Fashion 2 months ago

A very good pool filter will leave a pool no matter the size with water that is crystal clear. There are many brands out there for consumers to pick from and this article will look at the best pool filters money can buy.  1.Intex Krystal Clear S ...

Clearly struggled with what to title this product. I can tell you it is a very interesting 'toy' indeed read on.. Helium is required to fill the...

What a fantastic product. I love this and feel blessed to have gotten one. Having said that I have caveats as to if you should actually buy it. It...

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You will know this one! Thanks to David Rodigan for the reintroduction aparently they play it at stamford bridge before the big games...and other... Show more



editor I love this.. 2 months ago
editor featured a blog post titled, Normani Kordei and Fifth Harmony 2 months ago

Normani Kordei shortened her name of birth (DOB May 31st 1996) from Normani Kordei Hamilton. She has slipped effortlessly or so it seems into the trio singer, dancer and model. Part of Fifth Harmony she is a light lyric soprano with 4 octaves, 3 note ...

editor created new blog entry Jonus Akerlund in General Design Style Fashion 2 months ago

take your pik http://www.jonasakerlund.com/teasers/ ...

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Not worth blogging but worth mentioning is this Ad from TURKISH airways..some good sentiments here heed all who dare view and abide..

Turkish Airlines - 5 Senses with Dr. Oz

?✈️ There is a world of miracles. Get out there and #WidenYourWorld #TurkishAirlines #SuperBowl

www.youtube.com/watch - feeling amused

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Oh MIAMI and Eric Prydz...melange les deux - feeling cool

Eric Prydz - Opus. ULTRA MIAMI 2016


I would like to add that dropouts do happen but it's ok. Also downside is that I get some discomfort after around an hour. I am going to try a...

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