While we travel, we take our work with us; or rather, we take our laptops with us. Travelling with laptop also means that we take different laptop accessories with us; accessories that secure the laptop and make travelling a fun and convenient experience. Here is a list of different laptop accessories that are essential for the modern traveler to carry along.

•              Viziflex Laptop screen visor: The viziflex laptop screen visor is a great way of ensuring that you are engrossed in your laptop while avoiding intruding glare from strangers on your laptop. The viziflex visor is an adjustable and free-size laptop privacy centre that fits all laptop and notebook computers within 17 inches. The visor is easy to attach and detach with the radius edges ensuring that the keyboard access is not hampered. The visor is lightweight and compact in design and can be conveniently folded and kept in the briefcase. The visor comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. 
•              Targus travel surge protector: The Targus travel Power outlets equipped with power surge protection feature is designed as a portable power strip with 4 power outlets. The power strip is specially designed keeping travelers in mind, as it is possible to plug in several devices when a single outlet may be available in a hotel room or airport. The travel-size power strip keeps the laptop protected from unexpected power spikes and surges. The outlets are also designed to attach larger plug sizes. The compact design enables the power outlet to easily accommodate in a laptop case or a brief case.  
•              Teleadapt Universal and Globe adaptor: The universal electric adaptor and surge protector is designed to provide surge protection on any voltage system across 150 countries. The universal power faceplate accepts Australian, UK, other European and US style plugs, thereby making the device a truly international product perfect for the international traveler.  
•              Mcklein laptop travel bag:  The ideal travel bag should be convenient to carry and providing safety to its contents. The Mcklein-Chicago ballistic nylon laptop travel bag with detachable wheels comes close to the description of an ideal laptop travel bag. The bag has a front organizer for media gadgets, cell phones, business cards, pens and other such items. The middle compartment provides space for all documents. The bag offers dual laptop protection, first is the shock absorbent ABS honeycomb frame and second is the back computer compartment cushioned with 10 mm high-density foam that can provide safety to laptops up to 17 inches. A smart zipper transforms the back pocket to a smart wheeled panel. A non slip and shock adsorbing neoprene shoulder strap stretches for carrying comfort of the bag. The bag conveniently rolls on a set of recessed in-line skate wheels. 
•              F &K technology laptop lock: Laptops are prone to be stolen while travelling. A laptop lock can ensure that the laptop is securely attached to your briefcase and prevent it from being stolen. The 4 digit combination security lock attaches to any laptop or notebook computer provided with a lock slot. The lock comes with a 1-year warranty and consists of a 6 ft galvanized steel cable that keeps the laptop in safe custody.