Inflatable Flying Shark

Inflatable Radio Controlled Shark and Nemo Flying Fish Review

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editor March 01, 2018
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Tail Mechanism
Tail Close Up
Helium Filling Instructions
After Filling
Fin Attachment
Helium Filling Attachment

Clearly struggled with what to title this product. I can tell you it is a very interesting 'toy' indeed read on..

Helium is required to fill the fish skin and then it floats but you balance the fish neutally so that you can fly up and down. It's a proper little airship- and it looks like a real fish motion as it swims through the air. Watch the video it truly does.

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What a fantastic product. I love this and feel blessed to have gotten one. Having said that I have caveats as to if you should actually buy it. It can puncture quite easily so you would either need to keep refilling it even if you get your own helium- which you can do and we did as with kids balloons that float cost to get refilled. You need a big indoor space to enjoy this to the full.

Good Points
It works REALLY REALLY well
Fish motion
Easy to control
Looks fantastic
Excellent for marketing use

Bad Points
You need to have some patience to build it. It's not that bad but not trivial either.
It can puncture
It gets a bit old quite quick if you are in a small space

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