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I am so pleased finally that I have a set of earbuds that stay in. I have used bluetack in the past and those days are long gone. Copycat earbuds will copy the rubber 'wing' or arm which bends and keeps the earbud in your ear. For this reason I wanted to give ergonomics as 5 but the volume and buttons require a bit too much force and this is the ONLY problem I see with these headphones. The sound is good across base and tweet range you really do get a good volume coming through for that gym session or workout. I thoroughly recommend you buy them if you want a lightweight audio solution for exercising or other application. The battery life could be better when technology allows but I am sure it is the best it can be for this size. I have also not experienced a bad connection like some reviews say.

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November 21, 2018
I am adding to my review. I almost never get drop outs now for some reason. I wonder if this is phone related? I am using this with my iphone 6s and it had a couple of updates. I can't see how the headphones could have changed. So really I don't get it! But it was fine before with the occasional dropout but now I get none. Sound is still great and battery time seems to last a few runs before I need to charge it GREAT PRODUCT.
1 results - showing 1 - 1

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